10 Things Get To KNOW ME Super Awkward!!!

By Srinika 12/20/22

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Getting to know others is kind of awkward at the beginning but then, we all just click together, some way. Some of our best friends forever are right under our nose, maybe I am your best friend. So, you have to get to know me.

Get to know me

If you are new, this blog might be the best for you, I think you’ll love it, there are so much about me!!!! Make sure to look at our other sites: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMH6D1L7nNjDeWuIFKgGcOA

Get To Know ME

Hello, I am Srinika (Wow!!! This is soo awkward, writing this like a letter, but anyways…) I am an Indian, my favorite color is purple, but sometimes Teal. I am goofy and an extrovert, I usually am really nice to everyone. And I don’t like bullies.

Of course, I am super young I am 12 I will turn 13 in a month, and I am super excited for it. We usually make cakes ourself. Plus, I am not into sugar that much, I like salty snacks and spicy ones.

If you’ve never had any Indian food, you should totally try them.

I love loose clothing and I am a fan of sweatpants and tight nike. (Are you my BFF??)

My family members are my twin, my mom and my dad. I want a puppy or a rabbit. But my mom said I am not that careful, too careless, that I might kill the pets!!!

Anyways, I love rapping, but I am not sure I am that good. My favorite artists are Ariana Grande or maybe Blackpink, but I am not obsessed with them.

I love designing, I even designed the logos and the twinsparkle banner, I am so obessed with the color purple, that you might see purple in our logos and our banner too, me and my twin work on this blog. And I think, we are doing a pretty good job so far.

Get to know me even more:

Did I mention I love shoes??? I think I have in my other posts. I love Nikes and Cute Shoes. My obsession is white shoes, right at this moment, but I like light colors too.

My sister is like my bestie, obviously, she is older than me, by 5 mins, but I still like the older kids.

Moving on, I really really like eating, you might always catch me eating. And exercising.

My favorite sport is badminton and I really like swimming. Unless, when the pool’s chemicals get into my eyes, then it’s like blurry all day along, I am pretty sure, you must’ve faced it too.

My favorite casual outfits can be yoga pants and a tight tops, or I go for the baggy style, sweatpants and long t-shirts or tight tops again. I love sneakers, they are easy to wear and use.

I am not a skirt or dress kind of person, you rarely see me wear that, or I don’t wear shorts, they are way too uncomfortable, after that I love wearing Indian clothes, not inside my home, just when we go to the temples or somewhere special. I love to wear coordinated outfits, in schools and everywhere.

I do have really long hair, but it’s always in a braid at school, and a bun at home. Buns like, the one with the claw clips.

My favorite food??? I don’t really have a favorite, I will eat anything, if I had to choose an Indian food, I like mutton gravy, if I had to choose an american food it might be fries. But I can’t say no to pizza!!!

I guess that is it, if you want to know anything about me!!! My Get to Know me is done!!! https://twinsparkle.com/ See you next time!!!

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