11 Awesome Earth-saving tips you should follow

These are 11 Awesome Earth-saving tips I’m sharing with you. One thing we should all protect is our Earth because we live in it and if it’s a disaster, all living things and humans will die. Ever since the industrial revolution of inventions and buildings, people have started polluting all kinds of landforms and have increasingly hurt more and more living things. So, to get our Earth back to the way it was, with trees everywhere, lots of greenery, happy living things and neat public places, we should follow some important tips. I’m going to share with you 11 Earth-saving tips (with explanations) that we can all use to protect the Earth. 

The Earth from space

Number 1 : Recycle your trash

Why recycle trash? If we don’t try to recycle trash then, our Earth would end up as a plant-less planet. Why? It’s simple, trash ends up in landfills which will eventually leak garbage juice or a toxic liquid that will contaminate the soil that we plant trees on. How are we supposed to survive without the most essential resource, food, on Earth? Recycling garbage can start at your homes with just a few more dustbins. How? Yeah, you can take three or more garbage bins and color code them so whenever you throw out trash, you can recycle them properly. 

Recycle bins around the Earth

Number 2 : Pick up your trash 

Picking up trash is easy. You can find many places around your neighborhood that are filled with paper, covers, mails and garbage. To help your community, you can try cleaning parks, or trails. When you complete collecting trash, you can sort them into categories and recycle them. Sometimes, we can find our garbage as we get lazy or forget to recycle it. To make the world better, you can pick up your own trash and recycle it so people could create new materials from it and not waste more resources. 

Man throwing out garbage

Number 3 : Reduce the trash

Reducing your trash is not difficult. You can reduce your trash such as, plastic bottles, paper plates, plastic spoons and plastic cups by changing your habits. You can start by using a reusable bottle, a reusable spoon and a reusable cup. You can find your nearest store and start reducing your trash by buying stainless-steel or reusable utensils. But I warn you not to buy many glass utensils because they can easily break (We break a lot at our house.) You can reduce trash even when you drink coffee, you just need to stop using paper cups for drinking coffee and change it to a reusable cup.

Plastic spoons and forks

Number 4 : Plant trees

Go to your nearest plant store and buy a few plants. This benefits the Earth as it refines carbon dioxide into oxygen and reduces heat. It also benefits humans and animals by producing oxygen which we breathe to survive. Watering and caring for the tree may be hard, but it’s all worth it in the end when it grows. I’ve grown many plants, but in my opinion they aren’t easy to water and care for with all your other work. But, once you get that in your routine, it’s really easy. For closure, you get really happy when you see your plant growing and sprouting and blooming. 

Number 5 : Say no to pollution

Saying no to pollution is not easy, but we can try to decrease 68 million tons of pollution in America. America ranks in the 24th place for pollution. That isn’t bad, but the environment is disturbed with all kinds of pollution. You can stop tossing trash on the ground and start putting it in the garbage bin. Saying no to pollution also makes public places cleaner. We can also pick up trash in the ocean since they affect many marine creatures. It is not easy and fair to pick up trash but, if we want to save the Earth we have to do everything we can. 

Jelly Fish

Number 6 : Avoid carbon emissions

You can avoid carbon emissions in a snap by using your bicycle to go to the nearest store. This helps the Earth because cars use coal or fossil fuels that produce lots of carbon dioxide when burnt. So, try using a bicycle the next time you go to a place near your house. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas which holds in sunlight and lots of it can really increase global warming. That isn’t all that happens, carbon emissions also affect rising ocean levels because a lot of heat can expand water.

Floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, so many people are getting hurt every day in these reckless storms.  Bicycles and battery cars are the only way to avoid carbon emissions on our part. 

Carbon dioxide

Number 7 : Control Energy

Look before you leap!!! Next time, look if there are light bulbs burning all over the house before you leave. That isn’t hard, is it? Before leaving a room, switch off the light if you aren’t coming back. Or there’s a more efficient way! You can use long-lasting bulbs. How is that going to help? Using long-lasting bulbs can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also save your money. You don’t have to pay for a new light bulb sooner. These tips aren’t hard to follow

Light Bulb

Number 8 : Reduce water in your house

Reducing water is a piece of cake. You can reduce water by closing the tap at unwanted times. If you just entered the bathroom to brush your teeth and opened the tap, and started putting on paste on your toothbrush then, close the tap. 130 million Americans waste eight gallons of water everyday while brushing their teeth. People also waste lots of water while washing dishes, taking a shower and washing their hands.

You can reduce how long you take a shower or save some water while you’re washing dishes. Taking shorter showers and saving water isn’t going to affect our routine, but it certainly is going to affect water usage and save the Earth’s hydrosphere. 

Water running on tap

Number 9 : Make smart choices for shopping

You can take your Earth-saving skills a notch by using reusable bags to purchase your groceries. Use less plastic bags and upgrade your lifestyle with cloth or fabric bags. When you go to a store, you can buy a cloth bag to bring next time when you are shopping. Pets or animals can choke and die when they accidentally eat plastic bags. This also increases the risk of your plants dying because of the toxic plastic bags released when they are in contact with soil or plants. So be careful where you use those plastic bags!!!

Cloth Bag

Number 10 : Use less chemicals

Chemicals can be both harmful for our bodies and our environment. Try using less chemicals like fertilizers and arsenics on your garden. You can also buy organic fruits and vegetables for good health and less chemical use. Stop using lots of makeup that use chemicals and start using all-natural and beauty hygiene. Using less household cleaners can really help the earth. To lessen the use of household chemicals, follow these tips :

  • Stop using cleaning material that use lots of chemicals
  • Use flowers and essentials oils as air fresheners
  • Use humidifiers to clean the air inside your house after using chemicals because they spread in the air even after they are closed.

Number 11 : Learn the three R’s

Go to the library and find a few books about the ecosystem. Reading about the environment and our planet is exciting and fun as it teaches us new facts everyday. Learn about the three r’s : reduce, reuse and recycle and maybe even apply those in real life. Reduce the use of water, electricity, and chemicals by using the tips above. Reuse plastic bottles, plastic spoons, and plastic plates with your creativity. Recycle your garbage and use coordinated garbage bins to protect the Earth. Create a garden throughout the summer and watch it grow. Eat organic vegetables from your garden and benefit from good health. These things can really affect your life.

The Earth is where we live and it is our responsibility to keep it safe and protected. We can stop pollution and global warming by following some small tips for the greater good. We should all do our parts in protecting the Earth without hesitation. I hope that after reading these tips, you’ll use them and do your part on preserving our beautiful Earth. Want to read more like this? Check out our crazy new posts @ https://twinsparkle.com/

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