45 doable New Year’s resolutions for the Best Year. 

Today is the last day of 2023:) Make 2024 your best and make yourself unrecognizable. Speaking of New Year’s Resolution, read last year’s:


By Srinika 

For a lot of people, New Year means setting goals, and a new slate to start over. But it’s not, don’t try to cover up last year’s mistakes. You should learn and set systems from last year,  for this year. 

New Year's Resolution

“Set systems, not goals” 


That may look like embracing attainable goals that don’t focus so much on overhauling your current life, but make more room for your new ideas, hobbies, etc. 

Anyways, without dragging the intro for too long, that you might die of boredom. 

Let me get you started on what you could start doing, to be a better person in life. All I want you to do is, scroll down slowly and maybe pick your top 5 to focus on, remember 2024 is the year to improve, grow, and shine, so treat yourself like it! 

Start a Gratitude Journal (New Year’s Resolution)

Keeping track of things is a different thing, keeping track of all the good things that have so far happened in your life, is a great way to remember that there are people and things in your life to love. 

Make Time For Family

If 2023 is the year where you were in your room and never came out, or the year where you never really made any memories. Maybe 2024 is! Make memories with the people you love. If some members of your family are far away, a simple Facetime wouldn’t hurt ya. And most importantly, “Don’t lose the moon while counting for stars.” 

Build a Better Budget 

You might have made really poor budget choices, well don’t worry, and hope it’s not too late. Try focusing on what you need. Don’t go out. Simply say no if you don’t want to go and spend money on others. 

Save Money

This category goes with building a better budget. Save all the birthday money, new year’s and etc. And put them on a savings account. Try investing them and use them on your needs.

Practice Mindfulness – New Year’s Resolution

Practice on mindfulness 

Breathe, relax, and focus on your body. 

Concentrate on whatever you are doing. It may be reading, chewing gum, or dancing. Focus and concentrate. I can guarantee it’ll be 100% better than before. 

Cook Something New Each Week

You might think cooking is not something I need to improve on. But we all need to learn something new. There might be at least one dish that you might have never heard about. Maybe try cooking it, you might come to like it and maybe consider trying to cook something new next week. 

Try Doing things that You stopped a long time ago

It can be playing an instrument, dancing, or even singing. Try picking up on it again. Don’t stop because you have to, if anything you are the only person blocking your path to success.

Learn A New Instrument – New Year’s Resolution

Have I ever told you that I play the violin? Well, it was kind of hard at first. We had to pluck the strings countless times. And our hands hurt, because we had to hold up our instruments. But it also helped us in many ways. Google states that it helps with your: Memory skills, language skills, concentration, confidence, patience, and discipline. Keep this in mind, if you want to have new hobbies for 2024.

Read More Books – New Year’s Resolution

Okay, I have heard people read over a hundred books a year. That’s crazy, it might even be you. Guess what? Keep doing it, your reading skills and your speaking skills will be better than before. You might use words people have never heard before. You might also become the talk of the town for being such a smart person. And who doesn’t like that? 

Create a cleaning schedule you’ll stick to.

Cleaning is a very important thing when you want to have the best year. I have read in many articles that cleaning helps you focus more and helps you achieve your goals twice as fast. Not only that, if there ever is a circumstance where you wake up late, you know exactly where to find everything to start your day. 

Join A Club 

This is not for you if you don’t want to. But I think this is the best solution for you to get to know more people and learn more things.

New Year's Resolution
Book Club

Embrace What You Do Well – New Year’s Resolution

Trust me, your skills will be way better than before when you take every single second and minute to perfect that one single technique, it can be dancing, singing, coding or even cooking. 

Own new Plants – New Year’s Resolution

Swing by the stores to find new plants that might pique your interest. It can’t be any plant. Studies show that indoor plants can lower human stress levels, and one specific study showed that caring for the plants and keeping them close will calm the autonomic nervous system and lower blood pressure.


Not only volunteering get hours for high school students, but it also helps you learn more about other people. Things you might know or you might not. You’ll also learn that volunteering makes you a better person. Plus, it increases your self-confidence. 

Work Out 

Working out has many benefits for your health. What other year is better than 2024 to keep yourself moving, and get your dream body and wellness? Work out no matter what, because you are doing it to focus and concentrate. The website Benefits of Physical Activity-CDC states that being physically active can improve your brain health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve your ability to do everyday activities.


It could be anything, from organizing your clothes to organizing the pens that you have. It can be color-coordinated, size-coordinated, or shaped. Keeping everything organized will give you the motivation that you need to start.

Keeping a bunch of papers, without them organized. You might not find the one that you want. Maybe if you organize your clothes better, and put them in a spot where you see them you’ll start using them often instead of completely forgetting about them.

Create Planner

This is just one of the many benefits you get from organizing, even though it might be hard to organize your own planner. And to keep track of all the hobbies and activities you do, I think it might be best if you continue making a planner for this year too.

Practice good handwriting – New Year’s Resolution

People don’t have good handwriting anymore, handwriting literally says everything about you and how good of a person you are. 39% in the United States can’t even read their handwriting. That is bizarre. Some of the plus points could be that handwriting activates the brain more than keyboarding. This is because it involves more complex motor and cognitive skills. It also helps you better understand your worth and boosts your self-esteem. 

Have a Sleep Schedule 

You might ask what a sleep schedule is. Or you might think that you don’t want one. But trust me, we all want one. It helps you heal, and get ready mentally for the next day. Your sleep schedule could start as simple as getting clothes ready for the next day, and get as complicated as doing a whole workout routine. But whatever it is, kids should get 9-12 hours of sleep while adults should get 8-10 hours of sleep.

The recommended amount of sleep for a healthy adult in mayoclinic.org is at least 7 hours. Most people don’t need more than eight hours in bed to be well rested. Switching up your whole routine during the weekends is not suggested as it will adjust as well as confuse your brain to follow your sleep schedule. 

Learn a New Instrument 

Try doing something new, like learning a new instrument. You probably play an instrument but try switching things up why and try a new one! Learning an instrument can be hard, but I think it is so worth it because the results are gorgeous.

Do More Learning

Learning something new is just a lifestyle. Think about it, learning is essential to our existence. When food helps your body not to starve. Studying helps nourish your brain and mind. Besides, learning can help you achieve your goals, especially when you are a teen or a kid.

Focus on History

Learning about the past may give you a better understanding of the present and give you an idea of what you might want the future to look like. Focusing on history also might help you, learn more about their culture, and all the problems that they had. It gives you a greater perspective on human life and society, which is ideally great for you, when you think about it!

Start walking more 

Walking more instead of taking the elevator will boost your stamina and balance. You might also ask what health benefits it comes with. It helps with your cardio. Even if you are late to some important meeting. I feel like it is necessary to take the stairs. And use this opportunity to race up.

Collect A Year Jar 

Okay, this is something I made up. And I want to do it this year. While I was scrolling through Pinterest I got a lot of recommendations to collect an all-year jar. It’s where you write on sticky notes and collect them in your jar. Write about one great event that happened each week from January to December. I bet by the time you are done, reading all of them will be so much fun. 

Write to yourself 

Writing to your future self will be so much fun. Write about what happened, it can also help you to go through your day or your whole week. It’ll help you concentrate more on your planning for the coming week or next month. 

Be More Positive

With a lot of viruses, such as Covid. I feel like a lot of people aren’t positive anymore. More positive people, likely have more chances of staying calm in a panicking situation and succeeding in their duties.

Try Arts And Crafts

Trying out arts and crafts is a better way to help you do more new things.

New Year's Resolution

Maintain Better Hygiene

What’s better than maintaining your hygiene in 2024? I hope it goes well. Try a new shampoo or a haircut. Or if you already had a glow up try giving yourself another one.

Don’t Focus On The Wants but the Needs

Focusing on your needs is way better than focusing on your wants. If you focus on your needs first, your wants will eventually come to life. It could be as simple as you needing a new pair of shoes and then wanting a new video game. I would go with the shoes because it’s something that you’ll use. You aren’t going to keep playing video games all day. 

Buy Less plastic

By 2050 there’ll be more plastic in the ocean than other life. Using plastic every day is causing global warming, and that’s melting the ice, and soon we’ll all sink down and there’ll be nothing left. Do we all really want that? I hope not, because time’s ticking and I feel like we should act fast. 

Write Handwritten Letters

A lot of people think that these are the olden times, when people used to send handwritten paper copies of letters. But no, you can still do it to this very day. Go ahead, send a handwritten letter to your cousin or your grandma who’s far away. They’ll be very excited to see it, and you might feel fun too.

Be In the Present

Less Stress, improved creativity, and more awareness about thoughts are some of the benefits that Google states. But I think that letting go of the past and not thinking about the future. Will help you be in the present, talking and laughing that you might not lose your life holding onto to the past.

Make Free Time For Yourself

The reasons are probably obvious, finishing up all your work and giving yourself some free time will eventually mean less stress, better health, and motivation for the next day, basically a better overall quality of life. Relaxation will help you make better decisions. 

Help Out Your Community

Isn’t this a better way to get to know one another? Especially, in this digital age. I feel like we need to spend time outdoors, with other people. That seems like the right thing to do.

Take The Stairs

Try walking, taking the stairs should help you. Use this opportunity to run. Even if you are late to some important meeting. I would highly recommend you take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Talk to others 

Social media is supposed to be a hobby, not a lifestyle. Go somewhere without telling any of your followers or whatnot. Pack your bags and go on a vacation without your camera or your computer. Your luggage will probably weigh less now.

When you are talented and confident, you’ll attract more new people and friends—chasing others only to end up as the third wheel is no fun. Ignore them, and start over again. Maybe this time you’ll be more liked.

Treat yourself something 

A victory gift for yourself once in a while is supposed to motivate you. You’ll eventually start working harder and feel motivated. To achieve and have a purpose in your life. 

Host an event 

Don’t host a freaking 1000-dollar party. Instead, host a nice little backyard party. With hotdogs, chicken and coke and all the fun things that others might like. All in all, host a get-together, where no one is left out and everyone is having fun. 

Learn about a new culture 

The way the other cultures don’t give up on their traditions might inspire you not to give up on your own. Whether it’s your dad taking you to an ice cream shop when it’s your birthday. Or every time your mom and you go shopping for Mother’s Day. Learn about a culture and try something of theirs, that might trigger you to learn more about yours.


Don’t give up easily

Be a tough competition, giving up too easily might give others the chance to pick on you. Keep going even if someone has something nasty to say. It’s their fault they are not good at something like you, you probably are causing them to be insecure. And that’s fine, you are you and they are them! 

Be more confident

Don’t slouch, don’t cover your face. You are beautiful and you know things that others might not. Keep your head up high and walk like you own the place. Assume that everyone likes you and if they don’t they are intimidated by you.  

Clean your room 

Okay, right now as you’re reading this very paragraph, you probably are in a blanket, wrapping yourself in it. Get up right now and clean your room. It’s probably so dirty. Clean and I promise it’ll be so much better, you’ll probably be able to breathe better. 

Listen to music 

Listen to a song or a beat that you haven’t for so long, trust me you’ll start moving. You’ll be happy again. I, for one, love the sound of music. You should try it at: https://music.youtube.com/

New Year's Resolution

Cook something for other people 

Cook something for others, what’s better than getting complimented on your 5-star cooking skills or watching other people eat their hearts out? 

Consider getting a pet

If you are living alone in a house, or even with family, I think a pet would be so cool, and nice for companionship. You can talk to them and they’ll understand, and build a bond with them. Build a bond that no one can break, build a bond that no one else has or seen. 

With that, I want to finish off with this blog, stating that ‘Create Your Own New Year’s Resolution, it’ll be handy’

See you next year, on our next blog post!

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