5 Amazing Shoes that needs to be in your Closet

By Srinika 2/4/2023

Sneakers are almost everything in fashion. Lots of people agree that shoes are like, 50% of your outfit ’cause they’re what people notice first when they see you.

Good shoe = Good impression and Great shoe = Great impression. First, fashion isn’t always the most stable thing because trends keep changing.

So, everyone needs to keep up with their shoe game. I know some of the older people like shoes that are comfortable, for example, let’s say a granny, she might be looking for a shoe that helps her run every single day comfortably and she might not expect a shoe with high heels and stylish looking charms on them.

But today I am going to show you the ones that do have some charms and some of the cutest sneaker laces on them.

We are going to start of with the cutest yet the bossy like shoe, the crocs!!!

Crocs the pair of Shoes that you need:


Remember, those days when shoes weren’t that popular, but I don’t know how it got in trend. Our school kids, wear them every single day. With charms attached in them, it’s like super popular.

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Anyways, back to this topic.

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Colorblock Lace-up front skate shoes

I know this is kind of specific, but these are the ones that I am wearing, these are about 27 dollars at SHEIN and woo!!! I have been getting so many comments, so much!!! It’s getting annoying.

These are easy to run with, super cute and easily cleaned up, you don’t need to throw them in the washing machine and in the dryer, and wait for these to dry. With these you can jump in the mud, you can basically LIVE in mud, you get the idea right???!!?? Anyways, you can clean these up, with a wipe, and boom!!! You are perfect and ready to go!!!


I don’t know what is up with these shoes, they are super cute, I am definitely getting one, because these go with basically anything, sweatpants, done. Leggings, done. Yoga pants, done. Jeans, done. And Boom there you go, if you are shopping and reading this crazy article that I am whipping up right now, go to the sneakers section and get these converse.


Boots are freaking cute, you know why??? They are simply amazing and comfortable, whoever invented these should get noble prizes. I would ask you to buy these, because you need this, you definitely need this if you are living in snow 24/7.

There are knee length and thigh length, I would love to go with the look that keeps me comfortable. I am the gal who goes with comfort over style!!!


Last but not least, you know why they are comfortable, just like I said for the boots, if you are basically living in burning lava, and don’t want to wash socks that smells like garbage, get yourself one of the simple looking sandals that is going to keep you moving. I would love these if they go with a pair of shoes and a long t-shirt and there you go, you have the sunny outfit.

With that being said, I am done for today, I worked way too hard and I need to go get some entertainment and food. Bye

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