5 Best Places that takes my Breath away

By Srinika 12/22/22

5 best places that takes my breath is lands with water. Honestly, I like the feeling of thinking about water, and maybe like drowning in it.

Plus, the prettiest life can always be found in the water. History states, that humankind evolved from a creature that lived in the depths of the ocean, I mean can you believe it???


Lake Pukaki, South Island, New Zealand (5 Best Places)

Lake Pukaki, is one word – GORGEOUS, it has mountains, and the most blue water, anyone have ever seen, and it’s like Hawaii, isn’t that cute!!!!


I bet you will love our Nature Category!!!

Didn’t I say it looks really pretty??? In the picture you can see the mountains, and god would it be amazing to take a deep breath in that, and did you see that there are green mountains in the left, but then in the center there are white mountains, and it looks like snow. It is really PRETTY

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu is near Lake Pukaki, if you are convinced to go and visit these places, make sure to visit the Lake Wakatipu, it’s looks the same but it has so much myths!!! And I think it would be really cool, to read the myths and visit the lake:

The Maori people are literally known for so much myths and so many stories, they even have one for their own country – New Zealand.

So here’s how it goes: A demi-god, fished New Zealand out of the sea!!!

That’s not even the big deal, they even have one for the whole world, isn’t that so cool and crazy. I like crazy things. So, Tane Mahuta the god of forests, killed, or at least destroyed the father of the sky and mother earth, and today, Tane Mahuta and his brothers created the world as we know it, today.

So, that’s it, this is where I want to go, if I had one wish to go some where, it would go to Lake Wakatipu and take a dive in it!!!

Devil’s Waterhole

I know this might seem funny, but all of these places, have stories and myths, just like this one, this one is really pretty and really popular, it’s called the “Devil’s Waterhole” because whenever, it’s owner got his wagon stuck there, he used to curse, but other than that, the Native Americans named it for it’s warm water.


Jacob’s Well

This one might be my favorite one yet, because it’s like all water, and then, at the very corner, there’s a hole. And it is super deep.

Plus, I don’t think you can dive in there, but even if you do, it’s not really safe for you, you could sink into the depths of the water.

If I am going there for one day, I would prepare a picnic, or at least snacks, and sunscreen, because I don’t want my skin to get ruined before high school.

My snacks would be water themed, maybe like pretzels or noodles, and obviously some kind of candy, that doesn’t have too much sugar in it.

Jacob’s Well has a really long history, and I thought, maybe I could share what I would do if I go there, instead of sharing the history (Plus, it seemed like a really long history for me to read.)


Pools are super cool, you can play in it, without getting sunk, unlike oceans or beaches. I would give it a one on a scale of danger. Plus, it’s really fun, you have beach balls, which wouldn’t get lost, unlike the beaches.

There are so much snacks you could take to the pools, starting from gummies to BBQ chicken, or even pizza, and you could never say no to pool parties.

Alright folks, that’s all I have to say for today. See you in my next post.

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