5 Outstanding Dream Places I Want to Visit

By Srisha – 8/4/2023

Everybody has a dream place they want to go to someday and experience, don’t they? Well, I do. I have a couple of places I want to visit with my friends and family and have fun at. I like traveling, in some cases, including the hotel stay, the scenery, tourism, trying new food, and everything else. As you know, our family loves road trips! And we even went on one last month.

You can read all about it right here. And Traveling has its benefits too, you get experience, learn about a new place, breath-taking views and some realization about what happens in the world, outside of your own home. And I believe a dream place doesn’t just have to be one place, it can be many places you want to see. Okay then, let’s start.

Dream Place #1: France

Just thinking about France makes me excited. It is an amazing country with a lot of life and culture that I would like to experience. I don’t know about you, but France’s architecture, scenery, food, culture, castles, towns, and fashion calls me. Their special traditions and cultures are also really mesmerizing. For example, you can’t bring wine to a dinner party, or it is a must to say hi to store owners when you enter the shop.

You shouldn’t even smile when you don’t mean it. And the architecture, I can go on and on about it. The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, The Notre-dame Cathedral, wow! There are so many great tourist attractions in France. It feels like all the great architects decide to build their monuments there.

dream place_france

The first time I wanted to go to France was when I saw something on this TV show. Everywhere there are streets lined with sidewalks and stores on both sides. I feel like that is interesting to me. And then, the most important part was there were flowers in baskets on the streetlights. I’m not going to deny, I’ve seen flowers on streetlights in a lot of places in America. But France just somehow really captivates me. I don’t know if it is the color or the lights or the brightness or the food and cafes’ or even the art museums. Also, I missed this, but the lights are amazing. The City of Lights deserves to be appreciated.

Dream Place #2: Japan

Japan is also a really good place to visit because of the culture from manga, to ramen noodles and even to street food. Japan has an interesting culture in terms of cuisine, sports, and art. Their sumo wrestling and sushi and cherry blossoms are all an important part of why I want to travel to Japan! Japan has a lot of old temples and shrines and a lot of traditions based on their religion. I would love to go inside a Japanese home and experience someone’s everyday life, especially on the small islands where everyone knows everyone else.

And also, their tea ceremonies are very interesting. Their Matsuri festival and other festivals are also known to be very festive, cultural, colorful, and most importantly, fun. Also, I want to go to Mount Fuji and look at how pretty it is. Especially in spring, when all the trees and plants are in blossom and everything has life.

Dream Place #3: Greece

Greece is an amazing country with old architecture, scenery, and a lot of history behind it. There are a lot of islands with volcanoes, beaches, and old cities from the A.D.s. I would want to travel to Athens, and Crete, and learn a lot about the history of these places. And especially the myths of the Greek gods and goddesses.

Also, the architecture at Delphi sounds very interesting. The beaches will be awesome. We could tour the old Greek towns, go to museums, have picnics and travel to all the islands. I would also definitely want to tour the monasteries and try a few items from Greek cuisine.

Dream Place #4: The United Kingdom

There are a lot of amazing sights in England that pique my interest. I would love to go on one of their buses, visit Big Ben, see Edinburgh Castle, go to a museum and enjoy a lot of other stuff. What I like about the U.K. is, it looks like it came out of a fairy tale, with brick houses, castles, tiny villages near farming lands. I would love to also go to Scotland.

I dream of living in the UK when I grow up, because, from everything I’ve seen and read about it, it seems like it is the place of my dreams. Well, of course, I can’t miss the visit to Buckingham Palace and see royalty. And I love, love, love their English accent.

Dream Place #5: New Zealand

New Zealand is the place to be if you want to see the scenery. Breathtaking views of mountains and lakes and trees and not to mention Maori culture. Although most people think Australia is a better place, New Zealand is underestimated for its beauty. I would want to see all the natural beauty of this country.

Yes, Australia is known for awesome scuba diving and beautiful coral reefs. But I would much rather prefer New Zealand because I don’t like swimming. There is a reason New Zealand is of my dream places to travel to. If you liked this post, you should read this one ==>: https://twinsparkle.com/korea-my-awesome-and-1st-dream-trip/

Also, I believe everyone has someplace they want to go to, so comment down below where you want to go. If you think you don’t have a dream place yet, think about it or learn about a new place right here.

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