A Nice and Cool Day In My Life <333

Hello, this is Srinika, writing to you after I didn’t post yesterday. Today, I am going to take you through a day in my life. My day usually starts with me being super lazy, and then moving on to super hard activities.

Before I start a “Day in my Life” I want to mention, our other posts you might be interested in, such as 20+ self-care activities.


Waking Up ( Day In My Life )

We all wake up, from the day before, so it’s kind of obvious. But I think it’ll be fair when I share my routine. I am a person you might call lazy. I don’t have any alarm and I wake up when my mom asks me to get up. But I keep sleeping for 10 mins after she asks me to get up, it’s something I do.

I also wake up at 4:00 am but go back to sleep again. After I wake up, I brush my teeth. I know some people eat and then brush their teeth for better breath. But I don’t, instead, I find the idea of eating with bad breath disgusting! (No offense!:))

After I brush my teeth, I do my hair, and I go downstairs, to get my tea. Which my mom makes every single morning. (I know she’s awesome!) I’ve also noticed that many people in America don’t put tea in their milk. Every single “American” friend I had, was very confused about milk in tea. But just in case, I put milk in my tea too!

After doing so, I water the plants with a hose, I love watering them. But wrapping and rolling the hose to put it back in the garage is just so annoying! So, my sister ends up doing it. After watering, I have breakfast, which is Indian too :/

Indian breakfasts include Dosa, Idli and sometimes sunny side up and omelets, in our house. I don’t know about other people.

Day In my Life

After Breakfast

After breakfast is one hour of hobbies and activities, sometimes I do pre-algebra and sometimes I do blogging, and also schedule my post for the coming days. It is a little hard to maintain, but I end up doing it because I am awesome 🙂

With that, I write everything including the coming days. If there is time left, I do some social media.

Speaking of social media, check out Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/cheershema/_saved/

With that, I want to mention that there will be only one post per week because school is going to start in 1 week, and I am not sure we can fit everything in.

Now, continuing back on our topic next is crocheting.

Crochet is boring, but you get great results, and it helps you focus on other things, it gets your mind to concentrate. It’s really nice. I am working on a blanket. It’s Ivy Green and light blush pink, now I’ve decided to add some gray to it.

So that’s coming out super cute. Later, I would do stuff around the house, like laundry and cleaning. Helping my mom and all those fun stuff!


Lunch is always early at our house, it’s at 12:30! Some might think that’s super early or super late. But I feel like it’s super early because our middle school’s lunchtime is at 1:36, that’s so late. Oh! I can hear my stomach crying for food and help. (Just kidding!)

After lunch, me and my family watch a series, just to get us back up at our feet. Later we start doing what we were doing before lunch, if not, it’s violin or reading, or math. Math is my favorite subject.

Tea Time

If you haven’t been to India, we have tea time from 4 to 5, with a snack. It’s some Indian snack, but my family doesn’t do that anymore, we are full-on healthy now! Soon my day comes to an end.

Finally, at 7:30 we have dinner (Indian food obvi!) and go out for a walk, or play outside.

We come back inside at 9:30 to watch more TV for an hour, then we go to sleep.

If you are confused about why we are going for a walk at 7:30 well you might come to know it’s because it’s really hot in Texas, and at 7:30 it cools down! It’s better to go out at 7:30 rather than get your skin ruined.

That’s the end of a “Day in my life”

We are wrapping up today’s post with a reminder that there won’t be any more posts because school’s starting and we are not sure we can keep this up. But they will be posted once a week, which is a really good thing because you get to see us! Peace out!

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