All of Us Are Dead (The Crazy K-drama) Season 1

By Srinika

All of us are dead is a crazy K-drama including a zombie apocalypse. As the story starts, we are introduced to a character named Jin-Su, son of Lee, a science lab teacher. In fact, this science teacher discovers and, basically invents the zombie virus.

The whole reason, why Lee invented the zombie virus, was that Jin-su was getting bullied, and he wasn’t able to bare that, so rather than fighting as human, he wanted him to fight as a monster. But, Jin-su gets packed up in a suit case, so he does not bite anyone else and spread the infection.

Then, we are introduced to the school, where our main characters are, the “Hyosan High School” After 2-3 scenes, we are lead to a girl, who actually spreads the virus, and believe me or not, this virus evolves, just like Covid is.

All of us are dead

Quick question, can you imagine being stuck in a school, where the whole city is infected with the nasty zombie virus, it’s actually giving me chills right now and really scary.

You have to see your parents and all your family and friends before they die. You’ll never know, what happens next so make sure to always be nice to everyone.

I am trying really hard not to give y’all spoilers. Eventually this science teacher knows how to cure this virus, but just wouldn’t share the cure at the end.

Pros of All of Us Are Dead

Trust me! There is no good pros, there is no benefit in watching this, but it gives you the chance to imagine something impossible, just be careful not to invent a virus like this, if you do, you are CRAZY.

Speaking of killing and fighting, you would like a more realistic one, check out our brand new post of:

All of Us are Dead, the brand new Zombie show is taking it to the next level. You would want to watch this, if not you would at least, want to watch an episode of it, it has the perfect hook and perfect ending, I watched it 3 months ago, and I am waiting for the next season.

When I say it is good, it is “You sit at the edge of your seat” good.

Cons of All of Us Are Dead

This one takes a lot of time to watch, but no hate, I still want you to watch this super cool, show. This television series is still “Mind Blowing” in my list.

The Cons are well… umm… a lot. First of all, I want to say to you my beloved reader, that this show has a lot of blood and gore, it is kind of rated TV-MA, mature audience.

You get that right, but I watched this when I was 12, so I can say that it’s not that bad, unless you want to see people bite other and pull out there intestines. Look, all I am saying is that, you don’t have to do this, if you don’t want to. But you have to believe that, none of that is real, it can’t be.

All that blood is fake, all that intestines are fake, all I know they are probably hotdog strings dipped in tomato sauce, or whatever. All that blood, is nothing but a fake blood. You have a packet of blood, and you can bite in it at your own will, and it’ll make you look like you are bleeding from your mouth. That high school is probably nothing but fake!

There are some of the saddest scenes in this movies, I put this in the Cons list because I didn’t want people to get their hearts broken.

With that being said, I have to go for dinner. See you in my next post! Bye

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