Animals in distress: Should animals be kept in zoos?


Doing animals justice…, in their own environment, they are wonderful answers to complex questions.
– David Attenborough  

Should animals be kept in zoos? Zoos are man-made jungles, where nature’s creatures are happy and taken care of. At the same time, concrete jungles are a place where wildlife does not have a nice comfy home. Or to play or eat. 

Us looking at the species might not feel comfy for them. These creatures might not have enough space to do their daily routine, like playing, feeding their cubs, and training the cubs.

Surroundings have changed, and the species don’t have a chance to interact with their habitat. Living things should not be kept in man-made jungles.


Some people think that keeping living things in man-made jungles is good for them because concrete jungles save endangered animals. Research has shown that Six Species were saved by zoos in 2017. In the city side, they were the opposite of happy, they were unhappy and droopy. People were disgusted to touch them, they barely got any food. Soon we came to Dubai and there we went to a zoo.

Where the zookeeper took the animals, with care and kindness. This made me happy and I was surprised. Golden lion tamarin – Found only in Brazil, deforestation and the pet trade drove the golden lion tamarin to extinction. But the breeding efforts of almost 150 zoos have helped numbers recover to more than 3,000 in the wild. Almost most of them have been saved by the animal enclosures.

Wildlife parks are awful for animals, because of us, we are the ones who are making them gloomy and unhappy. According to, we don’t have the right to capture animals and keep them, it will not give them a chance to interact with their world. According to other people the zookeepers might give the creatures shots that the creatures are not used to in the wild.

According to an anonymous quote ¨It was wrong to capture wild animals and confine them in captivity for people to go and gawk at them whenever they want.¨ I want to state that we always have to respect living things’ privacy, just like we want others to respect our privacy. They might need some time to move around to eat to make sounds, if we just keep on looking at them they won’t feel right, they will get saddened.

Wildlife is bad for species because they might get endangered by predators and diseases. According to one of my anecdotes, keeping creatures in zoos is the best that humans could do to save these different creatures, I state that putting animals in wildlife containment is beneficial for them since they are getting cared for by animal enclosures.

According to one of my other anecdotes it states, ¨Soon we came to Dubai and there we went to a zoo. Where the zookeeper took the animals, with care and kindness.

We saw animals die of hunger because no one cared for them.¨ But that is not the same in man-made jungles, people care for them, help them and heal them. According to one of my anecdotes wildlife parks have helped. Another reason that proves that wildlife contaminants are good for them is that ¨Man made habitats have actually helped these animals from not being extinct.¨ 

Some creatures that have been saved by these man-made habitats are the Western Lowland Gorilla, Yangtze Finless Porpoise,  African Wild Dog, and Asian Elephant. 

I think keeping animals in concrete jungles could actually be helpful for them since they are sometimes getting endangered. Keeping animals in animal enclosures is not good for them, because it will make them depressed and sad. There is no use in watching them if they are sad or depressed. Animals in cages might not have enough space to play or do their hobbies.

The animals in cages are depressed because of us looking at them and not giving them privacy. They should be given respect and privacy because they are going to help us study the future, present and past. 

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