Back To School (Nervous and stressed ) August 16 2022

Back To School, YAY!!! I am so nervous for school, even this post is written to let out all my nervousness. I am excited but also nervous and scared…. and a lot of other things. There are a million questions in my head about school, like “What if I miss the bus???” or “What if the teacher is so rude???” or “What if I didn’t bring enough school supplies???” If you are a person who is hyperventilating about school in a new state, this is the right place for you.

Back to School

I mean I was always okay in New Jersey, we’ve lived there for more than 2 years, so I was pretty sure I could overcome anything. But this, this is just atrocious, I have the most silliest questions and the worst part is that I know they are silly.

I am mainly worried about bullying, not that it happens in our school very often. My sister (Srisha) says school is nothing to worry about, she is so cool about anything. It’s me who has the most problems.

I got my schedule and everything, I just have to go to the right classes at the right time.

I first got Gym.

Gym (Back To School)

Gym is me really being in a awkward position, I mean I always am good at athletic stuff, I am good at running and everything. But I need to channel my energy, I need to be competitive and I need to be fast.

Gym always has a sneaker rule. You always have to wear sneakers, no heels or no boots.

I next have Orchestra.


Orchestra is really fun, we get put in different levels according to how we play. You need to know a lot of things, like the vibrato, shifting (fast and slow) your notes, and you bowing technique.

Orchestra is really fun, when you know the stuff you are supposed to, if you are in a higher level, you learn more quickly and you need to keep up with the studies. Orchestra is like an elective so if you aren’t doing good in math or science, you will get kicked out of orchestra so keep it steady.

Next I have science.


I mean I have nothing to say about Science it’s fun we do experiments, we have labs and we learn and take notes.

Next I have math.


Math is not that hard for me, I usually get 90 or above, I mean I can get anything right? I usually have good grades, so it can’t be that hard.

Next is lunch and advisory.

Lunch and Advisory

Lunch and Advisory is really hard to keep up, you don’t study or anything, but it’s really loud, you can bring food from home or buy it, anyways you are good to go. Advisory is pretty much like study hall, except you have assigned classes for it.

Next, I have Spanish.


Our school offers Spanish, French and Chinese, you can basically select anything you want to, but I got Spanish, since I am doing to forever. Next is my favorite class.


English is where you mingle with other kids, you do book clubs, you do chatting, you write essays, you do lots and lots of sharing and speaking, it’s basically a live class.

Next is my last but not my least class TX History. Speaking of “Book Reviews” I think you’ll like this, If you don’t like reading that, you can watch it,

TX History (Back to School)

TX History is supposed to be hard, I don’t know let’s see. Mainly, because it has a lot of historical background, what I am trying to say is… you have to write essays and write skill builders. If you don’t know what those are it’s like history knowledge building activities, you do for a grade.

Finally, I get to go home. My home routine is going to be simple, I go I take a shower, or whatever. And then I come back do my homework, eat some munchies aka snacks. After that, I go to sleep. Early like 8:30 maybe, let’s see how it goes!!!

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