“Brother’s Keeper” Julie Lee’s 1st Amazing Debut Book

By Srinika

Brother’s Keeper… I am really in love with this book, usually, I read books because I have to but, I knew this one was a really special one, because:

  • It had a really complicated twist
  • It had characters dying in it
  • It is Historical Fiction

Personally, I love historical fiction. And to learn that people died during this war. I don’t like it that much, it’s hurting people.

Anyways, here is an awesome picture from the book cover itself, to get you to the edge of your seat.

brother's keeper

Type of Book “Brother’s Keeper”

If you love historical fiction and how people were back then. Then this book is totally for you. 100% No Doubt! It really shows how girls and boys were treated in the late 1900s. Girls were dropped out of school, but some people still sent girls to study. This book however does have a complication in a girl’s education!

Personally, I don’t like it, I am all out for feminism and when someone doesn’t do it, it’s not really a bright choice.

With that being said, I want to mention there is a war in the whole book, that leaves the main character and the second main character twisted all over the place.

(Spoiler Alert!) Spoilers

If you are super excited about the spoilers I am going to give you, be ready, because this one is surely going to get you on the edge of your seat.

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Okay, now on to the spoilers!

The main character in this book is Sora, you will mostly hear others calling her “noona” which is Korean for older sister. It’s mostly used by boys calling their older sister “noona”

Or you might hear others calling her Sora-ya. Which is what a close friend or her parent might call her. I hope you understand because clearly, I don’t understand what I have written!

The second “lead” is Youngsoo, her younger brother. They are the ones that get twisted in the war. The whole book “Brother’s Keeper” is based on that and that only!

Speaking of what it is and what it isn’t, I think you’ll like more East Asian books, that were great hits, and those that were the ones that I extremely enjoyed.


Why You Should Read This?

Okay, multiple reasons coming up, this one is a really great debut book. It has really all the values that you might search for.

A. It has humor

B. It has a great plot.

and C. It has war.

I mean who doesn’t love war?

Oh! Did I mention how I fell in love with this book?

This book really caught my attention, with the cover, and the summary.

Hear this:

” I wanted to highlight the Korean War-

also known as the Forgotten War-an

event often overlooked in history,

particularly from the civilian perspective.

Millions died because of this little-known

conflict. Families were torn apart across

the border. And while incredible accounts

of courage and resiliance abound among

Korean War survivors, their stories remain

largely untold.”

-Julie Lee

Isn’t it just astonishing and really special to hear her words? It is really well told and I hold it in a very special place in my heart.

Finally, I want to end today’s post, with an amazing reminder that, I am very grateful for so many subscribers in this blog.

See you next time!!!

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