Fall Lipstick Shades and Clothes#1 Trending, mind blowing and Vibrant

High School Graduation is coming up soon! So many parties and dances are coming up! Which means the ladies need makeup! Since it’s somewhere close to fall! Investing money and time in fall shades is a very good idea!

Fall Lipsticks Shades

Looking forward to the end of summer and the beginning of the Halloween season isn’t always a bad thing. A lot of good things happen. Especially new clothing and makeup trends. Makeup trends are popular and more trendy. And Fall Lipstick Shades are just what you need.

When we think of Halloween we think of black and purple. 

Now, Imagine lighter shades, purple mixed with pink, black with a little bit of blue. Imagine, pink with a dark shade of red. 

As we all know, we love lipsticks, they give shine to your lips and give a more glowier and stylish look. It makes your lips look darker and cuter. 

Plus, it’s 2024, and everyone wants to wear lipstick, especially girls. As fall is approaching, prettier shades are in trend. These are called fall lipstick shades, and they are gorgeous. 

Fall Shades

In the level below these are lighter shades like baby pink and light orange. The one on the bottom resembles how most of the red looks, the colors are just like this, they are pretty much the same.

Before we start, let’s talk about 2021, let me advise you that 2022’s lipstick shades are different from 2021. 

The 2023 fall shades were more mauve. 

Like, light pink and dark pink. 

2024 fall shades are nude a LOT of Nude.


The 2023 fall lipstick in your vintage wardrobe, Looks good on loose clothing, like big tees and ripped jeans. 

What we are going for is more of an emo kind of look, but halfway there. A little black should enhance your outfit. You should decide what it should be, it could be earrings, stalkings, or even lipsticks. Who knows it could look good on you!

The fall makeup and clothing are on fire, I think it is mainly because people had too much time to think about fashion, during their time of the pandemic. The fall makeup is purple, black, and red. The fall clothing section is mostly loose clothing. Loose shirts, hoodies, and ripped jeans. Runway models to fashion designers expect the new season to arrive soon, just so they can make new clothing, sell it, and make money. It’s always for the money, isn’t it?

But clothing lines don’t stop there, there are pretty dresses and gowns and they are in different colors relating to fall, like a green dress made of velvet or silk, an orange dress having a rough texture, or a hot pink dress, creamy and soft when touched. On the bottom, is one of the elaborative and cute necklace designs. Maybe if you are into earrings, check them out on Amazon too.

Makeup lines, eyeshadows light in pink, that could go with your hot pink dress, or a light brown that could go with any skin tone or any dress. Even Earrings and necklaces are there for the fall season.

Necklaces that have a pendant shaped like a maple leaf or a flower. Earrings that are shaped like pumpkins or sunflowers. Maybe, I changed your mind about your fall wardrobe!!!! Give it a try and check out our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMH6D1L7nNjDeWuIFKgGcOA and check out our other posts: https://twinsparkle.com/ And don’t forget to Subscribe to our newsletter and our YouTube channel. If you can click on our Pinterest and check our photos; That gets uploaded every few days! Follow and repin to support us!

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