12 Gift Ideas for Christmas that you need to see

Having some trouble finding gifts for your loved ones? Here are some super smart gift ideas I would use to gift my friends and family. Let’s start!

gift ideas

1. Gift cards

If you are really stuck on thinking of what someone would want, give them a gift card. I think this is a super smart way to gift someone because now they can buy anything they want!

2. Chocolates

Of course, everybody likes chocolate! This would be a perfect gift for someone you’ve just met since you haven’t gotten to know them all that much. 

3. Kits

That is a little random, but it’s perfect for your friends if you’re a kid. Jewelry kits, bracelet kits, science kits, STEM kits, art kits and I can keep going!

4. Board games

Everyone wants to have a family game night once in a while! Board games are perfect for kids or grown-ups because anyone can play. And don’t buy them classics, get something really interesting and new they probably haven’t played before.

5. Mugs

When it comes to teachers, I would absolutely give them a mug. You can be really creative with this one and get one that matches their personality. 

6. Key chains

This is also like mugs, you can be creative with gifts like these and get one that matches the person you’re gifting. These are also some of the cheapest gifts, so they will really come in handy if you’re making gift bags. 

7. Candles/Cookies

This gift is for formal situations. For example, if you wanted to gift your neighbor but you don’t really know them/they aren’t actually your friend, you can gift them a candle or bake them cookies because you don’t really need to know them to pick out a candle for them/or bake cookies for them.

Personalized Gift Ideas

8. Handmade/DIYs

Everyone loves handmade gifts because it makes them feel special! Make a card, a candle, a bracelet, or whatever comes to mind. Nobody minds a little creativity!

9. Their needs

If you are gifting a friend at work or a teacher at school, you would’ve noticed something that they need. For example, you can give a friend a planner, because you’ve always known how they struggle to keep things on track and plan their day.

10. Photo frames/albums

You can actually personalize this gift and add some of their photos/yours and maybe even decorate it. Photo frames are perfect gifts because they are personal and make the person you’re gifting feel like you put a lot of effort into this for them.

11. Handmade Greeting cards

This is also for people you don’t really know, but who you just wanted to wish for Christmas or any other holiday. You can also give your friends and family handmade gift cards with their presents. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube to help you personalize your gift cards.

12. Amazon’s Holiday Gift Guide

This was the last thing on my list because if none of the ideas above work, you could use the Amazon Holiday Gift Guide to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. The guide is categorized by age, and price and organized by categories so you can find the perfect present faster.

Amazon’s holiday gift guide

Go to Amazon.com and click Holiday Gift Guide on the top row. And don’t use this list just for Christmas, you can use it for any holiday and for your friends’ birthdays. I don’t think I need to explain further and I wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year. Comment below if this list helped you find the perfect gift for someone! Also check out our other post on: Amazon’s Best #1 Products

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