Fun Halloween Ideas

It’s the Halloween season, scariness and spookiness is in the air. Kids obviously like to trick or treat. But let’s think about that for a moment. I don’t think we will have a trick or treat or any fun stuff this Halloween, because, Covid.

( Uhh… Covid comes and ruins everything Again!) But we can improvise, we can do fun stuff in our house with our family. This can be the only Halloween we celebrate with our family, no friends or strangers, (It’s fun right?) You can watch a movie, or should I say a scary movie. You can do crafts and decoration if that’s your thing. You can bake. I personally love to bake because it’s good. And it makes you happy and me happy. Today, in this post right now you’ll learn how to be happy on this Halloween, with no friends. 

First up, Movies. There are tons of great movies you can choose from, if you are a adult go to the serious ghosty stuff, like ghosts that really threaten you. If you are a innocent kid, then you can watch something like scary movies, like Shreks Halloween Series perhaps. You can watch something from Disney too. Disney has a lot of things in it. Which means if you are a kid then, good luck to you. There are tons of movies for you. 

Halloween ideas
Halloween witch house

Halloween Crafts

Next, Crafts! I love crafts as my sister does. I like it because it’s fun, and calming. You can do spooky crafts, draw a candy corn then, color it after that you can cut it up, and paste it somewhere, there are really good ideas for you if you are in the craft part. You can do crafts from YouTube. I posted some craft videos from YouTube. Or you can do something like a decoration too, so you can decorate your house. On Halloween basically, everyone cuts pumpkins and does things. Maybe that can even be your craft for this year. 

Our final one is baking. Like I said, In my opinion baking is the best. There are tons of stuff you can do. You can bake a cake. You can bake cookies. Other varieties of dishes. You don’t only have to bake, you can also decorate. Or you can help in baking. You can decorate a cake or cookies. You can even try other countries’ desserts. Since you can’t trick or treat. You can have a scavenger hunt by hiding all the chocolates. 

If you play any instruments, then, you are in luck, you can learn spooky music. There are tons of great websites for you to learn spooky music from, you can also learn some other music too. It doesn’t always have to be spooky music. You can perform other music too, even on halloween. You can always try something new. 

Ok! That was all I got for this year’s Halloween plan. Maybe if I can, me and my sister will make a YouTube video based on Halloween crafts and music. Have fun and I will see you on another blog post. Make sure to visit our YouTube channel. and I also remember me writing, about posting some craft videos, here they are: and And don’t forget to read our other posts like, :

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