If I were a princess…

if I were a princess

Today, I am going to write my ideas and thoughts on “What would I do if I were a princess?”

What would happen if I were a princess

Oh! to think of me being a princess brings me a lot of ideas. Mostly thinking about me wearing a gown and a tiara is really funny but being a princess is just not that there’s more to it. Your parents or the king and queen might expect you to be more graceful and elegant than that.

You have to follow rules and go to royal school. How many conditions and rules do you think there are? I assume being a princess is easy and have written this based on that.

I will probably invite my friends over for a tea party, or a royal sleepover and I will play with them all day long. I would eat the finest food and wear the finest clothes. I would invite the whole kingdom over for my birthday party. I would get to do whatever I want! 

if I were a princess

My own tea party

I will tell the palace workers to make the best cookies and put pink frosting on them. I would choose the best pink picnic blanket and bring the most delicate tea set for my tea party. I will host the party in a beautiful garden, bring beautiful flowers, and butterflies and make a water fountain in the middle of the garden.  I would decorate the tea set in a beautiful design and bring some decorated vanilla cake with butterflies and flowers just like the garden. There will be a lot of fun activities for me and my friends to participate in. 

If I were a princess

A Royal Lifestyle

The blankets and covers must be made out of silk, and fur, and the blankets must be as bright as the sun and the covers as sparkly as glitter. The food would be served on gold and silver plates. Having breakfast in bed is the most enjoyable thing. There would be cupcakes with galaxy-colored icing and sprinkles shaped like unicorns and Alicorns. I would take my friends on a rocket to  Neptune or make a time machine to go to the future. The palace would be decorated with roses and lavenders and filled with my friends, joy, and fun. I would give a kitten that is trained to everyone. 

My Royal birthday party

I would have a big pinata shaped like a princess gown filled with tiaras, necklaces, and a 100-layered cake with strawberry icing and some flowers. I would wear a big gown with butterflies, flowers, hearts and wings, a pair of wings and a tiara with roses and real-life butterflies. I will invite all the great princesses and my friends and love to get a great gift. I would have cookies and cupcakes big as the sun and white as the moon.

If I were a princess


I would dress really grand. My favorite colors are blue and pink. So, my wardrobe would be filled with gowns in blue and pink. I would have lots of dresses and arrange and update my wardrobe each month. The shoes must be made of glass. I would have a collection of tiaras.

If I were a princess

One would have flowers on it and another one would match my earrings and my dresses.  The earrings will be as long as my fingers.  I would have a maid to help me and dress me. I would have a  lot of bracelets made out of glass. I would wear my hair like Cinderella. I like my hair as long as Rapunzel’s.


I would have six kinds of food on my table. They might be American, Chinese, Indian, Arabian, Thai, or French cuisines.  The food would be served on glass plates and silver spoons with gold cups. I would eat with the royal family and for dinner fruit, milk and bread will be served. I will have tea in the mornings and in the evenings. I would have large cakes and cookies with fillings to eat on festive days and royal balls. 


I guess you read my imagination. Yes, that will be really hard to do in real life. Who do you want to be? What would you do if you were a prince or a princess? Imagination goes a long way. Thinking about all this makes me worry about what I would do if I were a mayor.

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