Our super fun Journey to Pennsylvania

Journey to Pennsylvania

My journey to Pennsylvania started by checking all the things in the list. We packed my new shorts (LOL!) my shirt and my sister’s shorts and shirt. I climbed on the car and we started traveling after we packed all our things. Since we are Indians we packed different kinds of food, we packed tomato rice, some chips. I couldn’t wait to try the tomato rice that my mom made. I was so excited. We traveled for a long time.

Also, we were new to America and this was our first trip, and me and my sister gazed at all the things that we came through. That was a long road travel. Me and my sister placed our jacket near us and sat together. And we settled our place, we also brought our IPad so we played with it. For 2-3 minutes, because mom called us and said to shut down the IPad.

She also said that there are so many things you could see in this place, look at those houses. Oh, look at that river, those ducks, there are so many things you could explore. Dad played some songs. Soon, it was night, I didn’t sleep because I love to look at the stars, and this was my only chance to look at it. If we were in the city I wouldn’t get a chance to look at them, I could only look at flying airplanes which I didn’t like. So, I looked at them. And woke my sister too, which could’ve been an accident but it was not.

My sister who loved to do stuff with paper asked for them and did it, she twisted them she shaped them she did crazy things with them. Soon, it was morning, well everyone’s question is didn’t you have black bags under your eyes, because you didn’t sleep? Well, that I actually don’t know but here is what I know, soon we were at mom’s friend’s house.

She was welcoming us, and there was a baby and a boy. They were both our friends, we knew them when we were in India. We played with the boy and the baby. Most of us tried to catch the baby. After that, it was night, we all slept on the floor. Like we would’ve when we are in India. It was so awesome.

Then, it was morning and it was time for Niagara falls, I put on my clothes and ate breakfast which was bread, butter and jam. Later that day we went to the parking lot and dad started the engine, soon, we were there. There was a parade and a crowd. Then, we wanted to take a ride in the ship, we took tickets for that. After that, we went to the ship. There was a lady who was passing jackets, so the water wouldn’t splash on the people. Three words, IT WAS FUN.

Soon after, it was time for lunch, we ate lemon rice with chips. We all were done with lunch, my sister, my dad and my mom went to see the falls. I was still eating lunch, I saw bees, I was devastated and was not ecstatic now. I ran with my lunch plate. Soon, the bee did what all the bees would’ve done. T

he bee died, but still it was painful. I cried and my joy all went away. We decided to buy ice cream because they were so good. Soon, we went home and said bye to our friends. At home, I saw the wound that the bee did, I smiled, because I was healed. And continued to have fun. 

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