Klaus | The #1 must-see amazing kids movie

Let me just give you a starter, if you are in the middle of planning your movie marathon, you should and must see Klaus. This movie is just amazing and you could keep coming back for more. Its not just for kids, even adults can watch this. I would say this is one of those movies that are perfect for kids, and one of the movies that are so insprational, that you have to do something to change this world for a better one.

My Opinions (Klaus)

Its really suitable for kids. It really has one of those life lessons the character learns and a lot of emotional value. It is directed for kid audience, but I feel like even adults will love this movie because of its elements. It has a little bit of comedy and a lot of friendship and betreyal and misunderstanding and some tears.

This movie got the “Annie award for the Best animated feature” and boy, did it earn it. The animation is amazing and it is one of the best animation movies I have ever seen. It also got like 15 more award. At this time, I think we can all figure out that this movie gets an A+, plus, we can all agree that the animation, is Disney quality. https://www.netflix.com/


Well, this movie is about a man named Jesper. (The narrator is Jesper, himself) We get introduced to this character, when he is lying in his bed, and orders everyone around. This gives out to us that he is one lazy person!!! This provokes his father to give him the most difficult task:


Now, he is a new postman, who has the mission to prove to his father that he can earn the comforts of life. Soon, he discovers a toy-maker named Klaus. Klaus and Jesper starts giving out gifts, which are the toys of Klaus, changing the chaotic town of Smeerensburg for the better.

The starting of this movie, gives out a very weird and “EMO” kind of vibe, but Jesper starts to change the town. Including, how they see and think about each other.

Soon, kids start mailing in letters for gifts, and Jesper might finally have a way to back to his rich and comfortable life. But, eventually he starts learning that he does not want to leave this town, that he wants to stay with his friends. But things take a turn, when a group of Ellingboes and Krums, the rival groups in town, plan to destroy the gifts and send Jesper back home.


This movie is about kindness, friendship, betrayal, change, hard-work, and leaving things in the past and moving forward. One quote from the movie actually inspired me, “A simple act of kindness, always sparks another.” The conclusion of this movie revolves around this philosophy.

The movie is actually like a story explaining how Santa Klaus came to deliverying gifts every Christmas. And I loved it. The ending is also pretty good. It shows Jesper’s and Klaus’ lives after the first Christmas of deliverying gifts.

Klaus | Official Netflix Movie Trailer

So, now that you know about a must-see amazing movie, I hope you’re planning to write down this movie in your must-see list. This movie will be even better on a night, where you got your sofa real nice and cozy, and obviously don’t forget the Hot Chocolate. With the traditional marshmellows on top. This is a great movie, so don’t miss out. Also, don’t forget to read our other posts, and especially this one (https://twinsparkle.com/nike-the-1-fashion-brand/). Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel too. Peace out!!!!

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