Korea, My Awesome and 1st Dream Trip

By Srinika

We all have our dream trips, don’t we? That is exactly why I am happily going to make the first move by saying that my dream trip is to Korea. A vast land with a brilliant history. Who invented Samsung? Korea, who invented the hit song, “Gangnam Style”? You KNOW It.

The Flight Ride

Our trip should start on the flight that is heading straight for Korea, Seoul. The first thing I should see in Korea is Seoul. It’s a cozy morning, as we all get out of the plane. By we, I mean me and my family. After that, we should stop somewhere at the airport to taste Korean cuisine. Isn’t it one of a kind?

The Food

Food, or 음식 (eum-sig) in Korea is the best. There is Korean Barbeque and so much more, I mean who wouldn’t want to try and eat with chopsticks, they are so cool. I am pretty sure you have heard of Kimchi, haven’t you and tteokbokki, doesn’t that sound really interesting? I would want to try some of that!

I Have Sure Worked Up an Appetite!

The Hotel

I mean if I am having a trip to my dream place, I think I should at least stay in a hotel for at least 2 days, 3 if I want to be there more. The hotel should be huge. After searching the web for almost 19 minutes, I ended up with the hotel called LOTTE.


The Places

The Temples

I know this is way off topic because I should be writing what comes after the hotel, but I really want to say or “write” that the temples in there are majestic, they have roofs, and really awesome architecture. Isn’t that amazing?

And I don’t even want to say this but I keep hearing a lot about Korean convenience stores. I heard they even have a microwave, I mean I have never really seen a store with a microwave for the public to use. I think that’s pretty impressive.

Convenience Stores

And I want to take a photo in that place, why you ask? Not only to find out if they use editing to fix photos but to actually find out if they say ‘kimchi’ instead of ‘cheese’ Isn’t that crazy, I personally think it is.

Safari In Korea

If y’all want to see some of the greatest things that could fascinate you and make you go ‘ohh… and ahh..’ then you should visit some of the safari palaces.

For example, you get the opportunity to feed the animals and watch them at a very close proximity view. Isn’t that the best way to capture the nature around us? Not only that, you get to be guided by a professional ranger. In case you are in danger.

You might think Korea is a family place or maybe a really boring country, you can go to the deep end and try and find some of the best cultural places. Unlike the suburban areas, we are living in. Korea has the best tech stores you can check out. Sports to cuisine. And K-drama to K-pop. Isn’t that exciting?

The Nature

Speaking of “Nature” do you know what Korea is most famous for? It is mostly famous for the ‘Rose of Sharon’ commonly called the Common Hibiscus, and it almost looks like a cherry blossom. And speaking of Cherry Blossom, care to take a look at this Cherry Blossom-inspired planner, I mean it’s 2023 but the planner says 2022, so you can change the number if you want to. Interested?


With that being said I just want you to take a moment of how much Korea has done for us and I mean the tech. There are robots literally everywhere. You know the robot movies that you see in kiddie movies, that is how it is there. Korea has improved and excelled drastically.

With that being said, I hope I have inspired you to take a trip to Korea, because why not? It has everything that you need to see in your lifetime. With that, I am ending today’s post with a blast of more Twinsparkle posts!


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