LIFE DURING PANDEMIC (The dangerous journey for the past three years) #2

Life During Pandemic was just fine. It’s more than fine, you know why??? We are finally going to seventh grade, we can look at everybody we can play together, communicate and do group projects. But we can’t literally see everybody. We have to wear masks, and it’s mandatory. Which is not so great, at one point in 7 hours of school, you might want to remove your mask. 

Plus, a lot has happened during the past three years of Covid-19. It’s actually going to be four years, in 2023. Let’s just hope that Covid-19 wouldn’t be around for that long. 

Like I was saying a lot has happened, me (Srinika) and my family have moved from NJ to Texas, we moved here for the weather and a lot of other things. Being in Texas means, maybe it feels like being in India, says our mom and dad. But, I don’t feel like it, I just don’t get the vibe. For all I know is that Texas is burning hot. And maybe India could be worse, and maybe it could be worse because of global warming. 

Global warming is rising so much that before. For people, who don’t know what global warming is, it is when people burn fossil fuels (A gas that is produced by burning coal and other minerals.) and release it to the nature and that’s when the oxygen and all the good air turns into, let’s say not so good air, that is when Global warming happens. 

Masks (Life During Pandemic)

I literally hate but kind of love them in some situations But since you get to wear the masks it’s so much better because you get to do so many things, with others without really revealing yourself. I know a lot of people don’t want to wear masks, or maybe protesting. Let’s just say I am not one of them, neither do I love them. I am a neutral. I do love the masks at some times and hate them at other times. 

Life During Pandemic

Walmart (Life During Pandemic)

Oh, I almost forgot something. So, we went to Walmart the other week, and we wanted to return something. That’s when the problem started, we were the only family wearing masks, that happens a lot in Texas. People were literally staring at us. That’s when a person pointed out or started arguing that nobody wears masks these days. Can You BELIEVE that??? That person also said that masks are the ones that are spreading Covid in the first place. We didn’t do anything after that. Let’s just close the chapter of Walmart now. 

I think you enjoyed reading the paragraph above. Just so you know if someone does that to you, you have to keep wearing a mask, it’s your health not theirs that is getting ruined. Just be yourself. People might have different and stupid theories, but don’t believe them, you know you more that others do. I hope you liked reading this I also think you would love making rubber band keychains, along with reading another Life During Pandemic, I have the links for both of them here: and

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