Life during the Pandemic (Cool 1st-time experience)

Our Lifestyle 2022

Today I will write about the Pandemic, I hope this will inspire you to do some things you own. Also, I am going to write about how it felt being in lockdown. What did we do? About friends? Spending time with family, walking outside, and more.

How was it in Lockdown?

In my opinion, I could say it was the worst because we could have gone to the swimming pool, played badminton and more. When we are locked down it’s like we are in a cage. With nothing there, just me, my family, books, food, and electronics, and the same over and over again. I am bored a lot, but in my other opinion I just love it here, sitting reading, learning new stuff with our family, and spending more time with family than outside, it’s like we are on vacation. But let me tell you the pandemic, also had some negative issues on health.

What did we do???

 We took online classes, in English and Hindi ( Indian language). Also, we started doing exercise daily by watching videos and it was fun, played with slime and doh.

We made earrings using our earring kit, we played a lot of games, and we tried out new cool recipes. We even played an Indian game and my mom was winning all the time. I learned her technique and it was no time before I started winning. I was winning every day, and once I got to learn it, I and my sister kept on winning, Now my mom is the last place. We learned to light LEDs using electronic kits(I will give more details about the UnoR3 in my next blog) and more. The pandemic, was also great to learn some things, more knowledge is always good isn’t it?


What About Friends?

I missed my two best friends, they were my only friends and they were the best. We play together in outdoor recess. We studied in third grade together, but in fourth grade, they were next door. I wanted them in my classroom. At the end of the day, my friend and my friend’s classmates came to our classroom. We did lots of fun things more than I could count. I hope I could see them again.

Spending Time With My Family During Pandemic

My family did lots of fun things such as exercise by watching videos, we also watched cool movies, The dawn of the Croods, My little pony, and Miraculous and we watched the best cartoons over and over again. My sister and I spent a lot of time drawing, writing stories, reading stories, and having our sleepovers. My dad and I played Badminton. I was like so cool flying up and down and making moves. I helped mom with her cooking. Thirdly, my sister and I played board games and Coolmath.

In my conclusion, I have no idea what to say but I would say that I hope that this essay could help you, to keep busy too. Also be sure to check out my blogs on royal lifestyles, my fantasy stories, and my realistic fiction. 

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