Lockdown Lifestyle 2019 – The awesome & the dreadful

Hey, everyone! I am so excited to welcome you to our blog. And I would love to share all about our lockdown experiences in the lockdown in the USA.

Small Intro!

This is a small intro from Srisha (that’s me): I am the twin sister of Srinika and we almost have the same lives! Before coming to the U.S., I lived in Dubai and India. I felt so different and nervous when I came to America because everything was different here. And I wouldn’t even be writing this post for you if I wasn’t in America.  I like school, and going outside and the color pink! Sometimes, I do hesitate to try new things but I’m not afraid of them. I love reading books, especially fantasy.

It’s like an alternate dimension where you can see the whole story in close-up. I love to visit new places, and one of my dreams is to live in Europe. It’s so vast, and cultural, and each country has its own different thing!

Neuschwanstein castle in Germany

Covid-19, Coronavirus, and all things related to Lockdown

I am so frustrated with Covid-19 because we can’t go to school, we have to do remote learning and we can’t even go anywhere without masks. Coronavirus has completely changed our lives. I first felt weird about Remote school, but I did get used to it after a few days. y liked learning in the comfort of my laptop. Although I do miss my friends :(, I guess I do like going to school like this. It is a new experience, but it’s not all that good. I heard that people are dying because of this, and although it has positive effects, we can’t just ignore the negative ones!

And I hate it even more now because we can’t spend our summer in the pool or go on vacation or something! I would’ve loved to visit somewhere new in the summer. At first, I thought it was crazy to wear masks (and I still do!). But now I realize why we should! Everything is not the same as before. And I guess I have to accept it! Let’s at least try to enjoy this lifestyle. (Oh! I forget to share one more advantage of Covid-19. If it wasn’t for this lockdown, we never would’ve started this blog!)

So, in a way, Covid-19 was good for us and a little hard. I guess it wasn’t just for us. A lot of people suffered from working at home and especially at schools because this was new for everyone. I can’t help but wonder how hard it would’ve been to come up with an idea to use Google Meet and Zoom for school. I guess it was easy for me because I’m only in 5th grade, but high schoolers probably had a lot to study and had to focus because it goes on their permanent record to college.

Did you have any trouble with work or school because of COVID-19? And I can’t even start with the people who must’ve gotten sick and had to go to the hospital. I can’t even imagine getting Corona that bad. What advantages did you have because of Covid? And what disadvantages? For most people, this would’ve given them more time to spend with their family!


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