My awesome family is my #1 strength

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    My family is my strength

    family is my strength
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    My family is my strength. Do you know why? When I think about the word strong, I remember my family. What’s unique about them is that they don’t care about how perfect they are but if they are having fun and enjoying their day. I say this because they’re strong mentally and have helped me be strong. Strong doesn’t mean bold and hard or brave. What I mean is that they’re always supporting me.

    For example, a plant can’t stand without a strong stem. It needs a strong and supportive one. My family can sometimes be annoying or disturbing, but they never stop pushing me to go forward and achieve my dreams. They’ve helped me at certain times when I am stuck or confused. For instance, I always get confused or stuck when I am deciding something. They don’t decide in my shoes but they help me decide by teaching me to weigh the pros and cons of an idea. 

    My sister and my parents have taught me a lot of things too. One time, my mom taught me how to make cake, and bake cookies. I can just keep going about how many things I’ve learned from my family. I have also learned how to be a good daughter, a good friend and a good buddy from my family. They’ve helped me overcome most of my fears. Now, I always feel confident because of them. They have also helped me create strong memories. I still remember some of our most fun moments ever.

    With memories like this, I’ll never have to miss them. Some of these memories might be bad and they have taught me to forget those memories and just keep the good ones in mind. I have learned about many things but sometimes I make lots of mistakes. Even though I know that mistakes are ok, I still can’t accept it. We just can’t learn enough from our own mistakes. We have to learn from others’ mistakes too. One example is, if you’re writing a report on something, you must ask others’ opinions before writing it. That information is really valuable since many people have experiences that teach us something.

    Are we correct when we judge our siblings, friends and family?

    This doesn’t just have to be your family’s but your friends and other people too. If your family is loving and caring, you have to be grateful for them. No one cares or takes care of you like your family. They might sometimes annoy or disturb you, but they are better than nothing, a lot better. When I think about them, I always get a good vibe or a good feeling and remember lots of the good memories we’ve created.

    Even though there are lots of photos of me and my family, I always treasure the ones that I remember. What’s special about the memories I remember, is that they aren’t captured in digital devices. By seeing and interacting with them everyday, our bonds are growing stronger each minute. Do you know that they always correct our silly mistakes even though we don’t see them? That’s because, when we don’t see our mistakes, others can. And family always keeps us safe and will always protect us from harmful things in the real world because they care about us.

    family is my strength
    Family doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be united ~ Anonymous

    Sometimes it looks like our siblings don’t care about us, but they actually do care. Everybody express themselves differently, so we can’t underestimate anyone!!! I mean ANYONE!!! So if someone seems like they don’t care, we can’t assume something about them because their thoughts and feelings always change. My advice to anyone is, “BE CAREFUL WITH WORDS!!!” because sometimes, we tend to use them in the wrong way . Even though our words might mean something good, we must always watch the tone. The tone determines what our words mean. Tone is what shows if something is kind, harsh, a request or a command. So never speak without thinking.

    In conclusion…

    All in all, I would like to say thanks to my family for being there with me when I needed them and for teaching me so many things that will help in the future. I am really grateful for my family, friends and relatives because they are what make me, “ME”. I hope you realized that people change all the time, especially family and it might take some time to adjust to, so always stay positive and understanding to your family and friends. (Even pets) My family is my strength, they are my treasure.

    family is my strength

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