Once Upon A Time (Series #2)

Today Once Upon A Time a tale starts:

Princess Isania, daughter of King Azul and Queen Tamina. Princess Isania, was almost told the story of her mother’s life Queen Tamina. Of how she was saved by her father King Azul. And the queen wanted Isania to be saved by a prince. But Isania was nothing like her mother waiting to be saved. She can save herself. Princess Isania wanted to be a warrior, a soldier, a protector.

With a thought like this for Isania, neither her father nor her mother liked the thought of this. But today 12/3/1886 she will show her mother how she saved her prince. Princess Isania woke up with a sigh, on 12/3/1884 she was tired but determined to show her mother and father that she can be a protector. All the ladies in waiting rushed behind her to change her gown. But Isania wanted to do it on her own.

When she returned to the breakfast table, she went wearing her armor suit. Her father supported a little, but her mother didn’t like it one bit. As soon as she was done eating, she went to the garden to play with her animal friends.

Princess Isania was born, the queen and the king had a big party, and they invited all the fairy godmother, and everyone gave her a special gift including the gift to talk to animals.

The princess named every single animal in the garden, her rabbit corny, her squirrel Joy, and all the pigeons Grace. When the princess was thinking what she could do to prove that she is amazing at protecting.

She heard a yelp calling help, the voice said “ Help, Help if anyone is here please help, I need to be saved.” Princess Isania, smiled knowing that she will soon prove to her mother and her father that she can be a warrior.

Princess Isania ran towards the voice taking all her animal friends with her.

When she reached the voice she saw a prince tied to a long tower, knowing that the rope would get loose anytime soon, and he would fall to his death.

“ What’s wrong?” the princess asked. “ I was taken by a silly little gnome. Who wants to kill me. Now he is away somewhere else, but save me before he returns.” the prince replied.

“ Grace, can you fly and try to make the rope loose by pecking the rope?” the princess requested all the pigeons. “ Joy, can you bite a few of the vines hanging from that tree and join me so we can make a net. Corny, can you steal a few of the magical tree seeds from the palace’s gardening room?” The princess ordered and requested both the rabbit and the squirrel. The squirrel was fast at its job, and the rabbit was too. Both of them returned with success.

And the princess helped the squirrel weave the net and helped the bunny to grow the trees and finally, the net was tied to the tree like a hammock. When the last string was “pecked” The prince got loose and fell in the net, the net saved his life. And the princess returned to show her father and mother.

Her mother and father filled in their eyes. And as for Prince Hailen and Princess Isania got married. But this time Princess Isania was named the first warrior princess in the whole bloodline. And they lived happily not after the next generation was born a little different. 

Once upon a time
Princess, king, and gnome.

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