How do you conquer Persuasive Essays?

What are Persuasive Essays?

 A persuasive essay convinces readers to believe in the author’s opinion. Writings such as criticisms, reviews, reaction papers, editorials, proposals, advertisements and brochures use persuasion to impact the reader’s thoughts.

How do we know if a Persuasive essay is strong?

  This type of essay must be strong enough to convince the readers. That includes what kind of topic you’re choosing and the opinion you state about it in your essay. You might want to choose an interesting topic, so the reader will be excited to read it. Your thesis sentence must be strong and your evidence such as anecdotes, must be related, supportive and strong. Especially, your reasons must be connected to your topic. 

Some common topics we found from the internet are : 

  • Should students have a shorter school day?
  • Should people stop deforestation?
  • Should everyone maintain a healthy life?

You can use these topics to write persuasive essays because they can have supportable reasons and many people would have had experiences relating to these topics.

What do persuasive essays include?

Commonly, persuasive essays have five paragraphs including three reasons and an introduction and a conclusion. A strong essay will have all 3 reasons firmly supporting the author’s opinion. Authors decide and include their opinion also known as a thesis statement in the introduction. The reasons should support the opinion of the author, not other’s opinions. Authors state their experiences or others experiences that will support and affect their point of view.

A persuasive essay can contain anyone’s experience that the author knows of. Authors restate their topic sentences before stating each reason. They do this to keep reminding the reader of their opinion. Authors state their thesis/opinion and their three reasons again in the conclusion. However, in the conclusion the thesis and their reasons will be stated in different words. 

Persuasive essay

Persuasive essay template

Paragraph 1 : The introduction – In the introduction we will include a hook to grab the reader’s attention, the thesis statement/opinion and our three reasons. The hook can be stated either as a question or a statement.

Paragraph 2 : Reason 1 – We will restate the thesis statement again so that the reader doesn’t forget our thesis. We will also include our first reason, some information/facts to support it  and an experience that supports the reason. 

Paragraph 3 & 4 : Reason 2 & 3 – We follow the same structure from paragraph 2  but, we change the reasons , experiences and the information. 

Paragraph 5 : The conclusion – For the final paragraph we will wrap up the essay and include a hook so the reader doesn’t forget our essay even after they’ve put down the book. This time we restate our thesis and 3 reasons in different words so the reader doesn’t get bored. 

Persuasive essay example

Introduction example – Think about swimming in a pool, having fun and being full of energy. At the same time, think about you sick in bed and not having fun. If we compare the situations I would say that the best one would be the first one because you would not rather be in bed than have fun and be healthy. Exercises like swimming can help you stay healthy, be strong and have fun.

Have you ever wondered or experienced how much fun it would be to swim and play games in the water? Swimming is good for your health because it is a good exercise for your body. Swimming also makes you overcome the fear of water, it is fun and you can play in the water. Swimming is way more important in your summer because it gives you free time and refreshing moments that relax and calm your mind from tension, frustration and stress. 

Reason 1 – Swimming is good for your health because it is a good exercise for your body. In summer, only swimming will be the best option to exercise with. For example, in swimming you use your hands and legs really often. You will also hold your breath under water which will improve your breathing skills. You will also use your floating skills since you will first learn to float before kicking and stroking. Much more skills will be used such as kicking and coordination with your whole body.  This makes me realize that swimming is good for your health because the sport of swimming lets you move with freedom and you can improve many of your skills. 

Reason 2 – Swimming is also good for your health because swimming lets you overcome the fear of water. If you’re the person that doesn’t want to swim and thinks that you will sink. You’re not right but that fear captures many people. Swimming in a swimming pool lets you start for the beginning level and practice before you swim in a bigger pool or the beach.

For instance, when I first practiced swimming in a swimming pool, I got really scared that I would sink because I didn’t know how to swim. After we practiced through the whole summer, I could go underwater and I had overcome my fear of swimming in water. This evidence proves that people can and will overcome their fear of water if they just try it and practice. I improved my swimming by going to the swimming pool almost every evening until the pool closed. 

Reason 3 – Swimming is good for your health because it is fun and you can play in the water. There are lots of fun games you could play in the pool such as beach ball races, or coins on the bottom and playing fun games of your choice with your family is a great opportunity to get a happy mind reset from your work and relax. As an example once when I went swimming I played with my family. We changed the game of splash and made it interesting. We also played a new game we found of picking up things from the bottom of the swimming pool.

It’s where we throw coins in the water and go finding them. It’s exactly like a scavenger hunt in the water. This also lets families bond in the summer. We also played many games that made our day fun. That makes me think that swimming is fun when you really enjoy it and you can do anything you want.

Conclusion example – Clearly, this is why swimming can make your life more healthy and happy. Swimming is a good, healthy and a more fun way to control your fear which also makes your body strong. When you swim you can do whatever you like and have fun with your friends and family. It also makes you feel fulfilled, relaxed and changed. Next time, you go by a swimming pool, try to get a chance to swim and have fun with your family. 

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