Our Cool 15-day road trip during the summer! (Part 1)

We had so much fun as a family on this road trip! It took almost 2 weeks for us to come back. But coming back to my own bed and house was the best part, I couldn’t take it anymore. We left on a Sunday, right before Juneteenth. We had to wake up at 4:30, but we kind of delayed the start time to 6:00. We had to leave as soon as we could, so we could reach Kentucky quickly. Texas is an awesome place but it took us a half day to make it to Arkansas. 

The First Morning Of The Road Trip

First, we left Austin and made it to Waco. There, we took a small break to eat. Our car is big enough, but I couldn’t sit in it forever. We used the restrooms in a tiny convenience store and then ate breakfast. We already packed breakfast before we left, so we started eating. We had boiled eggs and a cup of rice mixed with tomato puree. The rice was tasty! My mom started the car again and we decided to only stop again at a gas station for the car. We stopped somewhere, but I don’t remember the small towns we crossed on the way. 

Next, I think we crossed Dallas, but didn’t really touch it. And then, we made it to Texarkana. Texarkana is the border between Arkansas and Texas, so there was a wave of relief when we finally crossed Texas after 6 long hours.  It was 12 in the afternoon, so we decided to stop for lunch. Also packed lunch with breakfast, LOL! It was rice again, *sigh, but I couldn’t eat a whole cup of it at once. So every then and now, my sister and I both ate little bites of it so we don’t waste the food.

I personally think we packed a little too much because we had to throw it out. It spoiled in the Texas heat. I don’t know how I made it all the way to Arkansas because Texas was so hot that day and still is. The only thing that kept me alive was the song playlist that played in the car that my sister made. It was really boring. I also slept in between because 4:30 is too early for my body to wake up after I only went to sleep at 11:00 the night before.

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Arkansas is so green and it definitely deserves the name, “The Natural State.” Arkansas is full of farmlands and cute little towns. I didn’t see a lot of people, only cars, but there were countless cows. But, nobody could beat Wisconsin at that! Arkansas, we stopped at the welcome center once. There’s one when you enter every state with restrooms, maps, and stuff. I really like the welcome centers, they are cleaner and better than the convenience stores. And during the evening, I had a lot of chips, cause all our food was spoiled and we really didn’t have anything to eat.

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Tenessee was a little foggy and rainy. There were a lot of buildings and stores. It was 8 and we were still going. We planned to stop at our dad’s colleague’s house for 2-3 days to take a break and then start out again. There was more and more traffic and it looked like we would only reach their house at 11 p.m. I was kind of hungry, but my dad’s friend said that we had to eat dinner at their house! So, I couldn’t eat any snacks. Personally, Kentucky was a little stuffed, and it rains a lot there! I mean, I don’t have anything against rain, but I prefer sunny weather more.

Smoky Mountains – Tennessee

However, I wish it would rain more in Texas. It goes up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit here. Okay, back to the road trip, I’ll list out some of the more popular locations we crossed. We crossed Little Rock, Arkansas, Nashville, Tennesse, and Memphis, Tennesse. And don’t forget Dallas! As I mentioned in the title, this is only one part of the trip. I can’t write it out all at once, so I’ll write about it another day. Bye, see you guys in another post and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get more notifications!

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