Summer is ON! Exciting and 5 Crazy Plans

By Srinika

I still remember how I fell on my bed before 2nd to the last day saying “I WANT SUMMER BREAK!” And boy was I glad, when school was officially out for the summer! I had so many plans, I wanted to go to the shopping mall, and I wanted to eat a lot more than what I packed for school. I mean that school lunch is just a handful, that’s not much, is it? Speaking of how much I am excited that school is over, read how nervous how I was about the school in the beginning:

Eating Habits During the Summer

I wanted to change my eating habits drastically. I was so skinny honestly. So, that’s why I have taken the challenge of eating more than I usually do. I want to grow “big” for eighth grade. I mean I can’t go out there with the rest of the girls athletics and look like I belong in 6th grade. I need to look like I am going to high school after that!

Eat more portions than usual. Is a must!


Workout is important, right? So I want to do more than usual, I do during school days. I want to be in volleyball next year, and fingers-crossed I make it in the tryouts! I mean I know I am good!

Back Yard

Exercising doesn’t always mean you have to be working out by weighting lifts or working out with push-ups and squats, it means you actually work, you can do that by helping out with your backyard or anything you have in your house. Our backyard is big, so I am going to plant, plants and do most of the gardening.



I have tons of stuff I want to do during the summer. I want to crochet a blanket, and I already started! Speaking of stuff I want to do, read What I Want to Do 13 things before I Am 13:


Speaking of reading, I want to read a lot in the summer, and I want you to read too:

Read More Y’all


Painting, is relaxing, isn’t it? That is why I want to paint, this summer with a Canvas board, I’ve already got the canvas, the paint, and an idea for what I am going to paint. (That is the Cherry Blossom.)


I want to blog a lot this summer. I mean if I don’t, I really don’t have anything else to do. And I don’t want to reorganize the whole house sixteen times, it’s going to get boring, eventually!

I want to blog about my 7th grade school year, not only for memories when I open them later but for sharing them with other people. For example, 6th graders going into 7th grade can learn a lot about seventh grade from me! They can learn from the mistakes I made, and not make them again. I really want to help everyone with my blogging.


I love volunteering, and if I do volunteer a lot, I can get high school credit for that, which is a pretty big deal.

Trash Picking

We went to a park (Can’t say the name :)) to pick up the trash, it was so much fun, we got to see the river and the waterfalls. It was so pretty and it made me extremely tired. I think I am willing to go there again!

Y’all with that being said, I want to end today’s post with an awesome goodbye! And see you in my next post.

P.S – Find something to do in your summer vacation too!

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