The Crazy Time Capsule in 5 years

Is it the Crazy Time Capsule in 5 years, or dear me in 5 years? Dear me in 5 years is one of the great writing topics I got while searching on google is the dear me in 5 years.

It’s about writing to yourself in 5 years. Here’s an example, of how my letter would sound, warning, this is not my letter!!!

Hello! How are you? I hope you are doing well, and I hope that there are different technologies, in our planet, I do not know where you are living but I do know that you are going to be happy, and that you are putting good efforts in the work that you do. I hope that all your friends and family is good and healthy as well. I hope that the new decade, is going well, and that there are no more diseases, am I right??? Well! I am so grateful that I got to talk to the future self of me.

Yours Truly, Srinika
Time capsule
Time Capsule, said to be opened in 2023
Time Changes

Time Capsules and the things inside it.

See!! Now wasn’t that easy. It might sound like it was hard, and takes a lot of time to think about what you are going to write. Time Capsules or letters, they are all easy it just takes a couple of minutes or hours, depending on how you want to sound to your future self.

After researching I thought that doing time capsules are also great you know why??? You get to put something in as a gift. Like, money or toys or maybe a letter that you wrote, or a coupon.

(That could be valid after 5 years !!!) I say the first three options were a little bit better than the last one, you don’t want the coupon to go invalid, do you??? Well, I also researched that in the turn of the 21st century, people found a time capsule, with a old newspaper and a 120 year old whiskey bottle.

Which is CRAZY!!! If others put in something to drink a letter or a toy wouldn’t be that bad right. And if you want it to be opened at a specific time, that’s great too. You can write don’t open till whatever, year you want it to be opened. Like the first picture on the top!!! Oooh! and there is some time capsule videos that you can check out in YouTube too.

Old Time Capsules

One of the common questions I had, was which is the oldest time capsule ever, well the oldest time capsule in the world is the

The Samuel Adams and Paul Revere Time Capsule\

It is believed to be buried in the Massachusetts state house, by the governor.

Remember I wrote about the 120-year-old whiskey bottle found in a copper box, that can be a great example of one of the old-time capsules.

The oldest buried time capsule buried treasures from 1652 :

This video shows that coins were buried, and when it was found they dated back to the late 16th century. The people did not even know that it was buried. When it was found it was a piece of very shocking news.

Guess what??? You can do that too, you can sit down and spend a couple of minutes putting some stuff, into a box that you find lying around your house. Finally, go and bury it somewhere. You know what??? I am going to bury a box, and then put a seed on top of my box so a plant can be found. Sometimes people forget to look, in plain sight. So, it can be hard for them, I can make it a little bit harder for them to find my box, because I consider myself a very good hider.

Well, I guess if I say anymore that will just make you, bored. That’s it, bye everyone!!!

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