Travel Around the World(3 cool places!)

Travel Around the World

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    By Srinika 

    Introduction to Travel Around the World

    Have you ever wanted to travel around the world, just be one with nature? I never felt that way too. But here is something that will make you feel like that. Long ago, people explored different places and learned about them, without them we wouldn’t have so much information about Earth and all the places. 



    Travel Around the world to Love Tunnel, Ukraine

    The Love Tunnel in Ukraine is semi-abandoned and known to be the best spot for couples. There is a railway that is owned by a family and still run by the same family. This railway has taken couples, the best spot in the love tunnel ever. It is the nation’s oldest love tunnel and is 102 years old. It is an abandoned tunnel in an amusement park, and sometimes passengers are conveyed through the boat. It is 5 km(3.1mi). The beautiful and calming setting, with trees and quietness earned its nickname, the Tunnel of Love.

    Travel Around the World to Caño Cristales, Columbia

    Our next place is the Caño Cristales, Colombia. It is a lake, but not a normal one. It’s water has different colors such as black, blue, green, yellow and red. And there is no fish, which means no fishing. This place has a lot of visitors, and it is a great site for tourism and photography. This is a waterfall.

    When I looked it up, it was small but I am pretty sure it is a big one. Just like the Love tunnel this waterfall has earned the name “liquid rainbow” This place is home to a lot of animals. 420 species of birds. 10 species of amphibians and 43 species of reptiles and eight primates. The word Caño Cristales translates, “Crystal Channel”

    Cano Cristales

    Travel Around the World to Kunming Stone Forest, China

    Our next place is the Kunming Stone Forest, China. This forest’s culture is really really unique and different as well. So, the story is about a beautiful girl of the Yi people. She was forbidden to marry the one she loved, and turned into a stone. The forest still bears her name and people celebrate it still in her honor. This beautiful rocky area has huge and tall stones, which are gorgeous to take a look at. 

    Travel Around the World

    Now personally, I liked the Kunming Stone Forest in China, because China is a bit different and unique. Not a usual place, where there are spoons and forks, I’ve learned that they use chopsticks, and have a unique way of holding it. Now you see you can’t hold the chopsticks like a pencil you have to hold it perfectly, this uses a lot of brain.

    And there are great hotels you can eat in if you ever visit China, so if I ever go there, my plan would be, go to China, get a hotel, eat with chopsticks, eat anything that catches your eye and then, get a chance to take a look at the amazing stone forest. If I feel comfortable, I would like to wear a Chinese dress too. 

    Sometimes, people like to visit Columbia to take a look at the lake, because it is so sparkly and rainbow-ish. Which is unusual for a lake. I’ve read facts that this lake is one of the prettiest lakes in the whole world.

    Maybe I would like to learn how the lake actually turns rainbow.  Is there a secret behind the gorgeous lake? Is there anything that is spreading the rainbow color? Something, like effects or reflections. Or is it just nature? There are a lot of questions. 

    Last but not least, the love tunnel would be a great place to take a look at too. Probably, because it has grass growing all around it. And that is kind of unusual too for a place that has been maintained and is not abandoned. This place is great to visit because you can have all kinds of adventures. 

    Adventures like traveling by boat, walk. If you like to. And there are more, if you actually, seriously want to visit this cool place. 

    Conclusion to Travel Around the World

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