Hi everyone, we want you to learn more about us. We are Twinsparkle, and we love to write! Our slogan “Make your thoughts sparkle” pretty much explains our determination to share our thoughts with the world. We also have our own YouTube channel where we love to upload new shorts and videos weekly. Twinsparkle is an amazing lifestyle blog where we share everything. We also have a newsletter email to keep you updated. Don’t forget to stay tuned!

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A few words from one of the bloggers…

I thought of sharing a little bit about me since everybody needs to know a little about the blogger.

So, I am Srinika and my sister is Srisha. I love the color purple and my sister loves pink. I love Indian food and my sister does too.  I love writing chapter stories. My sister loves to write stories about her experiences.  

This blog, has posts that have our stories, all about our life and our changes. Maybe you should read it and try and see if you could look beyond the universe and “Make Your Thoughts Sparkle” 

If you want to learn more about us as individuals, check out our first blog posts.

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