Welcome to my 1st blog post

I will start by saying that I am Srinika. This is my first blog post. I want you to know me because I am going to write lots of fun stories like fantasy and realistic. I like the color lavender, I like to see the scariest movies or adventure movies, I want to write fantasy stories more than realistic stories, I like spending time with my sister and my family, I like to explore the world, (I am more comfortable being outside than inside). I like reading Rebecca Elliot’s books which are owl dairies.

I’m not too fond of yellow and mostly I don’t like sitting in the house. My hobbies are writing, painting, reading, playing games, watching TV, drawing, work on technology. This is my first sparkling blog and I hope you liked this. I will be posting new blogs of mine. I also hope you will all support my future blogs and think you will be my future readers.

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