3 Exciting Books I’m Enjoying This Week

We took a little trip to the library this week, and I picked 3 really interesting books. I usually love reading fantasy fiction or fantasy historical fiction. But this time I opted for change. I found a mystery book in the new collection to try something new. As you already know, we posted a few book reviews about books that we enjoyed, the books were worth it. You can check out some of these book reviews if you don’t know what to read next: https://youtu.be/5T8R0IDBePM. This link is for the book review of Front Desk, a moving story about an immigrant family. Well, no time to waste, I’m going to start talking about the books!

1. Peasent’s Dream

This one is Fantasy Fiction. It is a unique story, a reimagined Cinderella. It is like a reverse story. Unlike the original fairy tale, it is Cinderella who is rich and a duke’s daughter this time, and the prince is a normal, hardworking villager. Cinderella sneaks into the village and the both of them fall in love. Yes, it also has some romance. It is based on a medieval time, back then when the world wasn’t very advanced. My mom recommended this book because she thought this would be something I’m interested in. And she was right. I started reading a bit, and it is really interesting.

The story has two points of view, the one with Adela (Cinderella) and Frederick (the prince) which I think will merge into one whole story. I also read other reviews of this book and it says it is a little for older kids or teens. I would rate it a 7/10 for the plot line. And the story is 6/10 because some parts are not great. This book is written by Melanie Dickerson and I found it in the Young Adult Fiction section. The next time you go to a library, you have to get this book. I feel like this book can be interesting for all kinds of different readers.

2. Strands of Bronze and Gold

“Strands of Bronze and Gold” is also part of the Young Adult Fiction. I wouldn’t say it is appropriate for younger kids. But I really liked the author’s voice here. Once again, you guessed it, it is historical fiction. It is also based on medieval times like the last one. This book is about a girl who has just lost her father and has been invited to stay with her stepfather. However, she doesn’t know how cruel he is and how many redhead women he has killed. It is a fractured fairytale, a gothic tale based on the “Bluebeard” fairy tale that I have never heard of. I do agree with many others that the plot is a little creepy.

The story is written in the first person by the main character. She also falls in love with another boy named Gideon, I don’t want to ruin the story for you though. This book has romance, mystery, and thriller written all over it. For this book, I would rate the plot 8/10, because it is a unique story that no one has imagined before. I would also rate the story 7/10 because I couldn’t really relate to her that much and the point of view isn’t all that great.

If you really liked this review, I think you’ll like this one too: https://twinsparkle.com/matilda/. We also have 3 other latest book reviews that I think will really captivate you enough to read the book.

3. Because I Could Not Stop For Death

This is my favorite one, the mystery I was talking about. Most of you reading this right now, probably have heard about Emily Dickinson, the great poet, and she is one of the characters in this book and she makes it really interesting. It is about a 20-year-old teen named Willa Noble who gets a job at the Dickinson home. She is off to a great start until she hears about her brother’s death. Her brother is very dear to her and she is convinced it is a murder.

Then Emily and Willa work their way through the mystery to find that some people are ready to even kill them to keep some secrets. I have already gotten to the part where she hears about her brother’s death, and I’m only in chapter 3.

I feel like the rising action was a little early in the book though, but I still like it. It is also in first person P.O.V. and it is a USA Today best-selling book and I get why. I found this book in the Young Adult Mystery and it is very thrilling. I feel like this is one of those books that keep you on the edge of your seat all the time. I would rate the plot an 8/10 and the story a 7/10. I really like the way the author has narrated the story.

Well, I hope you liked reading about all these interesting books because I definitely liked writing about them! I will absolutely finish reading these books and then post a book review on our channel more descriptively about each of these books. You should also read them because they really deserve readers like you. Well, to sum it up, see you in the next post, and subscribe to our newsletter to keep reading our posts! 3

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