20 Neat and Awesome Self-Care Activities

By Srinika

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    Self Care for the people who have forgotten who they are truly! I am thirteen and I think even I should take care of myself even more and more.

    I know what you are thinking, what possibly could be there that I don’t know? But here’s where you are so wrong, because as teens there are so many self-love and self-care activities to do. Even when you have the most complicated schedule you might have some time for this. 

    And I also know that as teens you probably have so much to do. 

    Volunteering, Studying, and sports. Not only that you probably have social issues. 

    But if you are feeling left out, or feel like you have no love for yourself anymore. 

    And you are tired of the same schedule over and over. 

    I have 3 words for you “LISTEN TO ME!” 

    Here are 20 Ideas for you to start loving yourself and dive deep into self-care, because you have all the rights to be yourself and love yourself all you want!

    Listen To Music

    There is literally wrong with listening to music. Do what you love! And if that’s music you should go for it.

    Every day I think you should listen to music for at least 20 mins to get yourself surrounded with positive vibes and energy!


    We all love journaling don’t we it is so nice, to write about stuff that happens in your life. It’s not even that, it’s really fun to write!

    For those of you who do not know what journaling is it is writing down your feelings more clearly so you can understand them better!

    Bullet Journaling is really fun, you don’t have to just write, sometimes I draw on a separate sheet of paper, and cut the picture out. After doing so, I glue it on my journaling page. Trust me, it’s really fun to do something like that.

    Positive Notes – Self-Care

    Positive Notes about yourself are just amazing, you can write about cool stuff that you like to do.

    You can write what you are good at! Don’t write about what you can’t do or are not good at, that’s not positive!

    You can paper and write 10-15 things about yourself that you are so good at. For example, if you are good at singing or making jokes.

    You can write that down on the paper saying: I am good at singing and making jokes. I love making everyone laugh, it makes me happy too!

    Now, if you are stressed out or had a bad day you can share that too, you can think about the situation positively and try to solve it out. It’s all about making things right because no one is perfect. If someone says that they are perfect, they probably are not, they can’t be!

    Just keep in mind, that everyone makes mistakes.

    Self care


    Yoga is so good for self-care, you can stretch out, and feel the body relaxing. You can calm down, you can really be yourself. Yoga is obviously not for everyone but you can at least stretch out to just feel yourself, after a long time of hardworking. I highly recommend this!


    Watch A Movie

    Watching a movie is great for self-care, there are so many movies that you can get interested in. And you’ve got popcorn and so many other snacks, for movie night! Who can say no to a movie and salty or sugary at the same time? I am always in for the salty snacks!

    Read A Book

    Reading a book can be so good, you can get absorbed in the book, or think of yourself as that character! Or it’s so good that it gets you to the edge of your seat, this is all your brain making you feel relaxed and good, you can basically daydream and watch a movie inside your head. This one is an approved activity!

    Speaking of daydreaming, listen to this album by Ariana Grande. The title itself is daydreaming and I guess it’s catchy: watch?v=klDwy082mNk

    Skin Care

    Skincare is just relaxation for your skin, it’s almost so satisfying like a melting candle. You feel like a newborn, with your new skin. And all your anxiety and worries, are gone with the dead skin cells!


    Who doesn’t love shopping? Of course, you could use some clothes from time to time. Maybe a new pair of pants or a new pair of leggings or a new shirt. Anything it is you could always even just go to the shopping mall and not buy anything there! Shopping helps you relax, you’ll probably get what you like, and then be happy with no stress. I am pretty sure it won’t solve your problems but you might be distracted from it for a while.

    Play with your Pet

    Who doesn’t like playing with their pet? They are a great way to keep you company and you can get relieved from stress. Plus, the more you play with your pet, you can have more of a better bond and a better relationship. That is surely something you can look forward to. Giving them unlimited attention can actually make you feel like you and your pet are best friends. This makes them and you feel like each other is a special part of life.

    Cooking Dinner

    Cooking dinner for yourself or your family is just “mwah!” (Chef’s kiss) You get compliments at the end that we all look forward too, but other than that your own cooked dinner is something that makes you happy and you might feel a difference in your lifestyle because you cooked this time!

    Video Game With A Friend

    Ok playing video games is so cool, I think this post might have the biggest paragraph about playing video games with a friend. I haven’t had any scarcity of playing video games with a friend, because I have a twin.

    And guess what playing video games with a twin is just amazing. So cool! My sister and I are just a video game match made in heaven. We are the coolest duo ever!

    But we haven’t played for a long time, we are not that interested in video games that much anymore.

    But we are ready to play small leveled games like chess online or fire boy and water girl is a classic for me and my sister.

    One time I had the idea of me and my sister playing chess against my dad and my mom, and boy was it a good idea. We won by default because they ran out of time. Good times 🙂 I bet everyone has a story like this one. It’s a classic!


    Y’all if you haven’t you should because it’s worth it, moving your body to your will is just worth it for sure. I dance all the time. If you are interested in dancing you might have to join a dancing program. I love dancing to pop. No one likes to dance to rock. Personally, I don’t!


    It doesn’t just have to be painting all kinds of art is a part of self-care, just like journaling but with colors. You get to paint your mood with color. If you don’t know what each mood you have is what color, use this list:

    • Red – Angry and stressed out
    • Orange – adventurous and excited
    • Purple – don’t like something, or not voting for
    • Pink – Love
    • Yellow – happy and jolly
    • Blue – Realaxed


    Being one with the water is something you can obviously look forward to, right now as I am writing this the degrees in Texas is almost 104. It’s a little hot, but I guess I can live with it. The weather does say it will go down, but it doesn’t seem to be doing so.

    Which kind of suspicious! But I can tell you two things, I am looking forward to getting into a pool, all so refreshing and I am looking forward to winter.

    I am not a hot weather person even though I am from India. Which is even more suspicious, but I think that’s a mystery for another time:)

    Take A Nap

    Nothing can be more relaxing than a nap at noon, it’s not a good habit when you keep doing it, but if you do it once atleast a month you might like it, and feel fresh. Self-care is something you need and a nap for self-care is something you also need. So, this one is highly recommended!


    Running is so good for the body, you’ll feel refreshed and healthy. And your blood is purified and you’ll feel relaxed and difference in your body that’s for sure. Self-care also includes jogging.


    Hiking is so good, it is good as jogging, because it is one with the nature and who doesn’t like nature, you get to climb rocks, and then after the hardest climb comes the nicest views.

    Hiking can help your legs, your heart and even your eyes. And after looking at the screens in the digital age, when you look at something else, I am pretty sure your eyes are going to get better and mainly love it.

    It helps you sleep too, and manage your weight, after a heavy does of chips and chocolate.

    Play an Instrument

    As many of you might already know I play the violin, but you can play anything, which a pretty obvious fact. If you play the piano you should go for it, because it will help you think about other than what you have going on in your repeated schedule.

    I play the violin to learn new songs and be distracted from my normal life. And you should too. Playing instrument or instruments and really really help you be focused and relaxed.

    Listening something other than the voice of your boss, or your teacher, your college professor, you “annoying” siblings can be drifted away, and the sweet sweet music might carry you to a whole new place.

    Do Your Nails

    Girls, this one is for sure yours. You can paint your nails all you like, and you might love doing them or hate doing them. But other than being focused on school work, you can actually be focused on self-care and your nasty fingernails, that are desperate for help.

    There are so many ways to do your nails, it’s such a fun thing. You can make some time in your schedule to do your nails once in a while.

    Making Jewelry

    Making Jewelry is awesome, I wear handmade jewelry everytime. And each time I get better at it, this one time this girl, in the gym locker asked me where I got it, only to know that I made it. I felt so proud, and I think everyone deserves that kind of happiness once in a while. DIY crafts are the best sometimes, when you feel like you are at a mood out session.

    Reading Comics

    Reading Comics is so much better than reading novels, novels go on for page and page with no fun pictures to look at and they make you even more stressed out when you are already stressed out. So comics are highly recommended, because they engage your brain in a visual perspective.

    And speaking of visual, I have written a post about taking notes, visual notes that I think you might be interest in, go ahead and click this link:


    With that being said, I end today’s post, because I am super tired, and give us a like, love or any kind of emotion at the bottom to support us and let us know if we should write more like this. Peace Out!

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