What Are 3 Bold Periods in History That I Would Go Back and Visit? 2nd One is so Good!

If I could go back in time, here are the 3 time periods I would choose to explore. The Renaissance, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient China. All of these periods were very influential in culture and history. Of course, many amazing periods sculpted history but these are the 3 that I believe are interesting. What time periods would you travel to if you got the chance?

1. The Renaissance Period

The Renaissance was a time in the 14th century surrounding Italy. The Renaissance was a transition from the Middle Ages to something more modern. Something innovative in art, culture, philosophy, science, and exploration. All of this started because of the Black Death which wiped out most of the population. One day you’re alive and the next you are dead. The Medici family invested in art the most and were the most prominent family. Fashion was also an important trend in this cultural movement. Women in this period wanted high hairlines and light-colored hair so they shaved hair at their hairline and let their hair bleach in the sunlight. 

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Also, each color in their art symbolized something. Red meant power and authority. Purple means royalty. Green was associated with youth and yellow signified lower classes. I would love to explore the Renaissance and Europe in the 14th century. Maybe visit prominent figures and indulge in fashion with these people. 

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2. Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was also an influential and important period that impacted the world greatly due to their culture and learning. Did you know women had equal rights as men in Ancient Egypt? This was in the Before Christ (B.C.) timeline and a long time before women in Anno Domini (A.D.) got their rights and they had to fight hard! They were more civilized and educated than other groups of people.

These people believed in the afterlife and that’s why they built tombs and mummified people. They put all kinds of things like games, food, and even clothes in these tombs believing that the deceased person will need them in the afterlife. Also fun fact, (Sometimes bakers in Ancient Egypt kneaded dough with their feet!)

Do you know why Ancient Egypt still matters? It’s because they were the first civilization to use a calendar like we do today, with 365 days. They were also great mathematicians and created one of the earliest written languages in the world. These people were really smart! And fun. They played board games, canoed, swam in the Nile, made music, and danced for fun. 

I would love to go back in time and explore Ancient Egypt and spend time with these people. They seem intelligent and fun. 

3. Ancient China

Ancient China included a lot of religion, philosophy, and culture that still impact China and the world today. Did you know girls in Ancient China had to painfully bind their feet to stop them from growing? Lotus feet was a beauty standard in China that caused women’s feet to be deformed and made it hard for them to walk. 

Legends were also a big part of Chinese culture. They had a legend for the Chinese New Year. Every year a monster named Nian would enter the village and attack villagers. Then one year later, a wise old man figured out a way to stop the monster. When the monster came, the people used fireworks and drums to make noise and scare it off. The villagers started celebrating this day with fireworks and music. 

Ancient China sounds interesting with a lot of culture and religion. The Chinese worshiped their kings and they were treated like gods. There is a lot of history in Ancient China and how they became a great nation. Also, I would love to meet the Mongols who were their greatest enemy. 

In conclusion, these are all the time periods I would go back in time to visit. There are so many other time periods that are awesome and full of rich culture and history but these were the 3 that stood out to me. Are there any specific periods you would visit? And why would you visit them? If you want to learn about all the time periods that have happened up until now, check out this link

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