The Outsiders (The 1st Awesome Book in Your List)

By Srinika 2/12/23

The Outsiders…. Hmmm…. Hey guys, I know this review is posted so late, it’s been a week, since I posted the video. But I just have a lot on my plate today, and it’s almost 6:30 PM, but guess what? I am going to post this today in the next 20 mins, let’s hope for the best.

With that being said, here are some good Pros and Cons to convince you to reading this book:

Pros (The Outsiders)

This book, has a really nice background, why you ask? Well, good question my friend, it has a lot of the 1980s background. I want to say that kids like me, who were born in 2010, and 13 years old. It’s really fascinating, it gives a nice idea of how my parents lived, back then, how societies and ideas were.

How narrowminded, or what level of narrowminded people were or what they accepted or didn’t.

This book, revolves around a book called Ponyboy Curtis, I know the name sound suspicious, but trust me, this book is for sure, going to GET YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT. Just like the CROWN OF COARL AND PEARL:

Ponyboy Curtis, belongs with the greasers which is kind of the broke and poor society, families are a little bit of 2nd class. Then, there’s the Socs, they belong in the upper class. Basically, kids who are in the greasers cannot mix with the kids in Socs.

This is where the problem starts, Socs think they are powerful, enough to boss people around and the Greasers don’t like that, which gets them into fighting.

But reading this book, is going to show other kids, what you shouldn’t do, and how you should be with other people. Besides fighting, the group of boys go through a lot, and they help each other, they support and they are protective of each other. That’s the kind of example, you want to set for yourself right?!

The Cons (The Outsiders)

Be warned that this book has a lot of fights and violence and a lot of bad words. There is shooting and basically killing each other. One of the characters die in the book. Violence can be like fighting with each other, and rolling around on the ground, breaking faces.

Just like I said before, this revolves around the setting where people were a little old timey and thought about things a little narrowminded. The Outsiders is written by S.E Hinton, basically this author wanted to share what happens and how things were. Back when almost 80% of the population did think girls can’t do anything.

The Outsiders

Guess what?! Reading this could give you some inspirations to write some of your own copies, if you do need help writing your masterpiece, you will probably need the format my sister has written:

The Outsiders is a really nice books, to read, it does have a lot of bad words, that we shouldn’t use. No Acceptance, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to read this book, this book is what the truth is, how things were and how people bullied others, basically, how teens did! And it’s kind of funny. At the last part, when the big fight is going to happen, the boys do acrobats. It’s funny, you will know what I am talking around when you read it.

OMG! I can’t believe I wrote this in 14 mins, I am super cool, I guess, just like this book is. What I am really trying to convey here is, you MUST read this book, it basically has to be in your must reads for 2023 list.

Finally, I am done convincing you, I really do hope, you were convinced, I am pretty sure you will be convinced if you check out my “Outsiders” book review on YouTube. Have fun!!!

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