I would love to do these 25 fun things!

There are a lot of things I would love to try. Trying new things is always fun and you never know what you’ll learn from it! Here are 25 things I want to try :

1. GO on a zip line

I have never been on a zipline before. Although I will be scared even if I go on one, I still want to try and experience going on it. 

2. TRAVEL somewhere 

I’ve been to a lot of places and I’ve been on road trips, but I’ve never “traveled” like when you visit landmarks and fun spots in the country, try food from there, and visit all their famous stuff.

3. TRY a new cuisine from another country

I would like to try new foods from other countries and their cuisine. Indian food is awesome but, I’m sure foods from other countries are awesome too. 

4. GO ice skating

I never rollerbladed, so it will be tricky on ice. But, I’ve seen a lot of videos where they ice skate gracefully, and I want to try to.

5. SEE a musical

I’ve never seen a live musical, like those on Broadway. So, I would like to go see one.

6. GROW a plant

My mom loves gardening and I too help her sometimes. And I have grown some plants but they never turn out successfully. They always die and I want to grow at least one plant that will survive and reach its full potential before dying, possibly flowers because I love flowers.

7. GAZE at the stars

I’ve seen stars before but you can’t see a lot living in cities and towns. I want to go to those big national parks like Yosemite and gaze at the stars at night, maybe I’ll see a shooting star! I would also like to see the Northern lights in real life, it would be so cool but, I’ll also be freezing to death.

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8. GO camping

I’ve never been camping and I would like to try one time to see how it is. 

9. GO on a road trip in a different country

I’ve been on road trips in America but I would like to try road trips in different countries. I want to do a road trip to Europe where there is medieval architecture and awesome scenery.

10. WIN in a contest

Do you know those writing or art competitions online? I would love to participate and win in one of those competitions. 🙁 I’ve never won!!

11. RUN a marathon

I’ve never run a marathon either, so I would love to run one and see how long I can go. 

12. LEARN to decorate a cake

I can bake a cake and a lot of other stuff. But, I’ve never gotten the handle on decorating any of it. Guess I’m just not naturally good at decorating, but I would love to learn. 

13. GO to a new restaurant

Going to a new restaurant is tasting a new type of cooking and enjoying a new experience. Not everyone makes the same dish in the same way!!

14. LEARN a new skill

I don’t know what skill I want to learn but I know there are many I don’t know about. I would certainly push myself to learn something new. You never know when you’ll need it!!

15. LEARN horseback riding

I love to see those people just calmly get on the horse and ride it. I’ve been on camels but they aren’t as exciting as horses. They’re slow and boring. But, horses are unpredictable and fun, and I would love to learn how to ride them. 

16. WATCH a sunrise <= (would love to do this)

I’ve seen sunsets but I’ve never been up early enough to see the sunrise. I would want to see it from a beach or an ocean, so it’s really pretty when it comes up from the horizon.

17. VISIT a national park

I’ve always wanted to visit a national park like Yellowstone or Yosemite to see nature and animals and have fun. When else will I be able to see natural wonders and scenic places?

18. TRY street food

I want to try street food in Japan, Thailand, India, and Turkey. I can already taste the amazing flavors and smell the wonderful aromas. 

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I like helping people and volunteering is doing just that. I would love to volunteer for good causes like saving the earth or helping homeless people. 

20. LEARN to paint

I can paint but not as good as those people on YouTube. My paintings always end up weird-looking and blobs of color. And the abstract was not intended!!! 

21. LISTEN to a podcast

I’ve heard podcasts can motivate you and give you information on what’s going on. I’m not a person who is good at sitting and listening or multi-tasking while listening but I would love to give it a try.

22. READ a self-help book

Self-help books are supposed to help you with something. And I would love to read one that helps me or leads to self-improvement. 

23. LEARN to make handmade pizza

I’ve had so much pizza and I’ve also seen people make really good, cheesy pizza and I want to try to. I love to cook and bake and pizza sounds interesting.

24. TRY a new ice cream flavor

New ice cream flavors are always a roller coaster ride. Once, I tried lemon-flavored ice cream and I regretted it. Maybe it was the store, but it wasn’t good!! But some really good ice cream flavor is waiting out there for me to try, so let’s get some ice cream!


25. GO fishing

I’ve never been fishing and I’m sure it’s not my thing because I don’t want to just sit there and wait to catch a fish. But, it doesn’t hurt to try something and maybe I might like it!

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