Hello everyone, today I am going to teach you guys how to write a blurb. Story blurbs are short, paragraph like stories. So, let’s get writing. First, we are going to start brainstorming an idea. So I am going to write about my experience in Mount Washington. Well before we move on you need to know what are story blurbs. Story Blurbs are the recap of big essays and stories. You can write them before you write bigger paragraphs. It should only be a small paragraph or 10-12 sentences. You might see story blurbs in novels and story books to give you a sneak peek of the story. Story blurbs are similar to summary. Story blurbs are short paragraph-like stories that you could write before writing a big huge essay like stories. Remember blurbs relay on your experience.

Table of content

  • Giving what the reader is interested in
  • Hooking the reader
  • Some Ideas to catch the reader’s thought
  • Some key points
  • Never
  • Example

Giving what the reader is interested in

Story Blurbs have to be written to catch the reader’s thoughts, when you don’t write what the reader wants they’ll not read the book or maybe it is not catchy enough. For example, say that your story includes fairies and puppies just for young girls. This idea will probably catch the reader’s mind. Now say that your book includes fairies and puppies, or they never will know. 


Hooking the reader 

Hooking the reader means catching their thoughts. If your sentence or your blurb isn’t catchy enough, you didn’t hook the reader. The blurb is not meant to be a summary of the book. That can be a spoiler. So we have to make sure that we don’t make a mistake in this blurb. Even though hooking the reader can be hard work, we have to work no matter what.

Some Ideas to catch the reader’s thought

  • When you saw snow  for the first time. 

What was your expression when you saw snow for the first time? 

Did you even go out in the snow? or cuddle in your blanket. 

  • When you played an instrument for the first time.

Did you even play the instrument?

Or wait until you learn how to play the instrument.

  • When you first swam.

What was your expression? How deep was it and did you go into it? 

Before we move on even more further into writing story blurbs.

Some key points:

  • WHAT the character did!

Did the character read during the story, writing, dancing or more. 


What was the character interested in dancing, exploring, writing or more.


Show not tell means, you have to show instead of show like she drooled and her stomach made noises. This proves and shows that the character is hungry.


Setting means where the character is, is the character in the desert, in a mall or somewhere else.


Now I am going to write what we never should write in a blurb. Never start with Once Upon a time and never end with happily ever after!


This is an important tip when we are writing a blurb, we should never include them ( This is not a fairy tale story ). It might not catch the reader’s attention. And never ever include quotations in a blurb, only the story book should include quotations to the reader’s dialogue. So, no quotations. We must always remember that we should be in the story like: This is a story about my piggy bank. When we include me, mine and I. The reader might get the attention.


I could write a story about a girl named Eve. Eve was so interested in traveling, one day mom and dad said that they are going to Mount Washington. Eve jumped up and down. Two days later they settled in an apartment, that is in New Hampshire. After that, they took their rented car and went to Mount Washington. It was so cold, so, Eve wore a jacket, and a pair of gloves. She was shivering and her hands were cold as a freezer. She was taking photos and pics with mom. And she also didn’t forget that she must have fun. 

All in all, I want to remind that whoever is writing this awesome story blurb should use these rules which are: Giving what the reader is interested in, hook the reader, some ideas to catch the reader’s thought, we will need some key points, never and an example to write and attract the reader.

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