1 Fun Christmas Movie list that might make you want more!!!!

By Srinika 12/19/22

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    Christmas is in 8 days!!!! Christmas movies are something everyone is looking forward to, as Christmas is right around the corner. This Christmas movie list is something I put together, if you like cartoon movies and comedy, my best guess is this list is for you.

    Christmas Movie List

    Klaus (Christmas Movie list)

    I think, I’ve mentioned this before in another post, of the best Christmas movie. https://twinsparkle.com/klaus-movie-review/

    This movie is amazing because, it has so much meaning and why we have christmas, as a holiday.

    Home Alone

    I have never seen Home Alone, but I kind of heard that it’s about a boy, who is alone in his house, while his family left him to go somewhere? and I heard that it is a Christmas classic. And it was released in 1990, and this movie was a hit in the christmas time.


    And there are so many versions of Home Alone, I think I should take a look at this movie!!!! Sounds fun!!!

    The Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

    Sounds like this movie was a hit, it’s about a modern day family, not any family, a royal one. And the prince marries an ordinary girl. I don’t think the royal family will like this idea, but that’s another story, this story is about when a priceless treaty gets lost, and an ancient is ruining their family. Find out what happens next, or if you don’t think I impressed you or convinced you into watching this movie, watch this amazing trailer:

    The Christmas movie list doesn’t stop there, I still have so many movies to summarize and convince you to watch.


    Grinch is one of my favorites, if you haven’t watched it, you HAVE to watch it. It’s about a green monster, who hates christmas, and tries to ruin Christmas for a town.

    Can you even believe your favorite holiday getting ruined by a heartless monster.

    Honestly, Grinch is one of my favorite movies, when I saw it the first time, it was really interesting.

    If I haven’t convinced you yet, go ahead and watch the trailer!!! I can tell you twice that you’ll like it for sure!!!


    Nutcracker is a must, because it’s such a old story, and it’s such a good one, it’s about a young girl, who unlocks a priceless gift, and experiences the magic, you must’ve heard about it atleast.

    And there are so many ballet shows and since I play the violin, I heard there are special music pieces and they are so long!!!! So, if you play any instruments, you might’ve heard about the long pieces.

    And that is it!!! I hope you loved my Christmas movie list, and atleast one of it. See you next time!!!!

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