New year resolution 2021

New year resolution

The New year has passed and we have started 2021, a new year with lots of unexpected surprises, problems and solutions which might be unexpected. Some people, or maybe even you who are reading this right now might have new year resolutions. I hope to have different and achievable goals and resolutions this year.

New year resolutions

Doing Aerobics

Hmmm…. what about exercising at least 10 minutes everyday? You ask why that resolution is important for me? It’s simple, we are all stuck inside our houses being in either lockdown or doing quarantine. What fun is that? As much as we stay inside, the more our body gets lazy because we don’t have to get up early and go to work or school. Everyday is almost like a holiday except with some work and going on the computer. Usually people go out to stores for shopping or go somewhere like a park or a lake and enjoy as a family. After COVID-19 none of us want to go outside due to the disease.

We don’t go anywhere outside, at least my family doesn’t. Some people go walking, jogging, or to the gym to exercise but, some people stopped doing those, not that everybody doesn’t exercise. Still we can switch on the T.V, get up, stand and dance to a song or follow an exercise video. 


Now my second resolution is much different. It’s …. Being creative. Being creative is just not in art but in everyday solutions too. Creativity can be in everybody. Just like, my sister and I play with our dollhouse. But guess what? I and my sister made the dollhouse ourselves using a ton of paper, cardboard and tape. Is that being creative? Yes. You can be creative too with just everyday solutions. If your house needs decoration, make it yourself using construction paper, scissors and coloring supplies and lots and lots of love. This is solving a problem with creativity.

So why is this important for us? It is important because we are in lockdown and sometimes we have nothing to do. That is when we can use our creativity and do much more. We already stated that our mom and we started this blog to share our creativity, writing and much more. You can start a blog too. You can show creativity in painting, drawing, finding solutions, writing and even coloring. 

Being Responsible

My third resolution is to be responsible in school and at our home. How can I be responsible? 

Oh….. I can be responsible by cleaning after myself. Sometimes, we don’t clean after ourselves because of our bad, bad, bad laziness. And sometimes, we don’t even want to clean even if our goal is that. I have lots of goals and I only achieve them one at each day and it’s hard because they are daily chores or everyday goals. Responsible just doesn’t mean cleaning up but also keeping our promises and completing work that are due in school or work. For example, if I promise that I would not complete the homework without him/her to my friend then, that’s what I should do because I promised so and they have trust in me.

New year resolution

If you don’t keep your promise then that could make the person lose trust and the beliefs about you. Sometimes, I remember I have to finish our homework at the last minute. And if I tried to do my homework in class without anybody knowing to just not embarrass myself. That’s not responsibility because it was my fault that I did not complete my homework and note down a reminder and I should not complete my work at the last minute. Next time, what I can do is right down on a paper and pin it on the wall and don’t forget to finish my homework. That is how I can be responsible. 

My resolutions might be a bit obvious and similar to many others but I think they are perfect for me because I can grow my creativity skills much more, do a lot of exercise and make my body strong and be responsible. Everyone’s resolutions are not the same because people make many different mistakes and we can learn from each other and correct ourselves because we don’t want to make that mistake again and again. So, I think we can learn from each other and get better just inside our family and friends. 

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