Bella and the Bulldogs (Bella’s best time during the 2015 series)

Bella and the Bulldogs is a 2015 series, featuring Brec Brassinger. She was commonly featured in every single series from the late 2013 to 2015, Brec Brassinger was also featured in the Haunted Hathaways, some may not have heard of it, but I love it. 

The Cast, Movies and Sitcoms (Bella and the Bulldogs)

To start off, Bella and the Bulldogs feature a young girl named Bella, trying out for football, when football wasn’t allowed to be tried out for girls in Texas. But guess what, she has her friends to get her on that team!!! Sophie and Pepper, 

Lilimar Hernandez features Sophie, as one of Bella’s best friends. Haley Tju featuring Pepper, as one of Bella’s other best friends. 

One of the characters that I like is Sophie. 

She has a very traditional background, she has a personality, where she will do anything for her friends. One example is when Bella is made fun of by the boys because she is trying out. Sophie tackles two of the boys. 

Another example, is when a popular cheerleader talks behind Pepper’s back, Sophie cuts her friendship with the popular girl. 

I am not much of a fan of Bella’s character, because she has a little bit of betrayal and kind of a snitch attitude. 

One of the other movies that I like and has featured Bella, is Liar, Liar Vampire, where the main character is Davis Pell.

Plus, she is in the voice cast for loud house, probably rated for the best kids’ movies. Some people do like

Now, Bella and the Bulldogs, features Troy, one of Bella’s best friends, featuring Coy Stewart, and one of the other two boys is Sawyer featuring Jackie Randinsky. Finally, one of the last but not the least best friends of Bella, is Buddy Handleson. He is played by Newt. 

Be warned, that Bella and the Bulldogs is a sitcom. There are a lot of people who do not like sitcoms, mainly because it is very not funny when a group laughs in parts we do not think is funny. 

Bella makes it into the Silverado West football team. Unfortunately, her friends don’t exactly play the part of being good friends, they treat her like an illegal, after Bella broke her cheer promise. Will Bella’s friends forgive her???

Bella and the Bulldogs
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