Me 2022 ( A very surprising and fun list )

Introduction (Me 2022)

First, as all of you can probably guess, this is Srinika writing, because I am the only one, who would do crazy things, and this post is going to be one of them or is already one of them. Ok, so a couple of things that people are doing right now, are resolving, for next year.

That is so quick and very clever because you can never be too prepared to do something for next year. People are trying to evolve and gain more knowledge while Covid-19. So, that means I will be doing one this year.

I want to write down as much as I can, because this year, I have so much to do. Like, such as learning to sing, learning how to play the violin, and maybe just maybe, learning how to play a recorder. If some of you don’t know what a recorder is, it is flute-like.

Me 2022

So, what I want to do is learn a couple of instruments and then learn how to be more fluent on the languages that I am learning. There are about 4 languages I want to be more fluent in. They are my mother tongue, Tamil. Then, Hindi, next is Spanish, and finally English, I am already fluent in it, but I want to bring out the best in me.

Some people may have some other fun ideas to do, the most common one on the web is: Get more fitter and drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. If that is one of the common things, that people say out. Then,

I want give out some tips for this common resolution, you could do more exercise, and then drink water, but you don’t always have to drink water, you could drink some healthy juice, homemade drinks that you can try out, and you can reduce fast food, and carbonated water, like coke, Fanta and etc.

Mostly, because they are unhealthy to drink. If you do drink or eat these thing on the daily basis there are chances that you could gain wait and then get a little bit fat. So far, we have so many things to do.

Changing my schedule (Me 2022)

But now, I feel like I want to change my normal schedule into something much better. Maybe remove unwanted things I want to do.

  • Waking up earlier than before could be a little easier for me to sort out.
  • Then, eat in less than 30 mins, because we have to save time and that is because time doesn’t come out of anywhere. There are more things I want to achieve before I am old.
  • Get out more, because as you can probably figure out more quickly I am sitting in the house all day, doing indoor activities.
  • Then, what I want to do is I want to write as many posts as I can. Plus, I have to deal with YouTube too. (Ugh, why do I have to be in control of everything????)
  • Next, I have to eat lunch which is also going to have to be less than 30 mins.
  • After that, I want to study all afternoon, math, English, Science, Social Studies and Pre-sat. If I want to be very educated.
  • Finally, we have the evening, and I want to spend it as T.V and fun.
  • Last but not least, is sleep, because you cannot thrive if you are sleepy.

Conclusion (Me 2022)

I want to finally remind everyone that, maybe you should resolve like this too because who knows maybe after resolving and changing your goals and all the other stuff, you would probably become the best person you know. And probably you will want to start a blog and write what you want to, maybe one of your posts would be Me 2022. If you guys want to support us, please visit our other posts: Another, Thank You and BYE!!!

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