Exquisite Animals (Rare and gorgeous animals) Animal Compliation #1

Ostriches to Lions from Tigers ( Exquisite Animals )

There were tons of lions in the park, mostly because lions aren’t extinct. The lions were quiet. But the ostriches started crossing the roads, we also read that ostriches are sometimes curious so they might stick their head into the window if you don’t want that, you should keep your window closed. Most of the people in the car did not open the window, but photographs started putting their cameras outside.

There were so many of there ostriches, but so little white tigers. There were only 2 in the whole park.

Hope you guys loved looking at these pictures of cute animals, but I am so sorry that the pictures were not right and a little bit blurred it’s because the car had to move and we could not take all the pictures, clearly. If you liked this you might like my sister’s fictional story of Cleopatra’s sister: https://twinsparkle.com/den-of-the-dark-the-powerful-soul-of-the-unattractive-princess-the-2nd-princess-of-queen-cleopatra/

You can also check out our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMH6D1L7nNjDeWuIFKgGcOA Hope you guys love it, bye.

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