Dresses .VS Outfit (Series #1)


Today, our topic is Dresses .VS Outfit. Well!!! I’ve decided to start something called versus, where I’ll post something versus each other. Like soccer vs. garden, laptop vs. typewriter. (You get the idea!) In my opinion, an outfit is the best, because what is a great way to express how you are feeling? Also if you wear an outfit, you can move and it might be stylish.

In my other opinion, well dresses are great, and they are also a great way to express how you are feeling. And you might be able to move and look stylish if you are going to a school dance, prom or a ball ( Just like Cinderella ) Don’t mistake me but an outfit is also cool when you are going to a school dance.

But you can’t judge others by what they are wearing ( Am I right? ) So, some facts for proving that outfits or dresses are the same. So, read this article to find out which one is the best?


Outfits are easy when you move, and you really noticed that didn’t you?

And notice that you wear pants and shirts when you are in the gym or at a sporty place, you cannot go to a sporty place with a prom dress!!! Outfits are so cool, I mean what is not more cool than sneakers and stylish jeans and a matching shirt. You’d make a beautiful bunch of friends.  

Outfits are so in right now, you can go to a shopping mall. But with a long girly girl dress, going to the mall might not be a great idea. People would notice you, obviously!

Dresses .VS Outfits


Now, dresses are amazing I am not gonna say no, they are sparkly and they are pretty. They go great with a bunch of necklaces and earrings. And they also go with any shoes or heels. They go with all kinds of makeup and accessories. You can go with them if you are going to a dance, or a ball.

( You can also summon a fairy godmother!!!) Dresses are beautiful if you are going to a birthday party, especially long ones. Dresses come in all sorts of colors, such as: if you like black, go with a black dress, if you like white go with a white one,(make sure, not to get the white one dirty.)  If you like purple and pink, choose a mixed color gown that has pink and purple. ( Then it just goes on and on.) 

Dresses VS. Outfits


I personally, love outfits. I basically wear pants and shirts every single day. You can barely see me wearing skirts and dresses. Since, we are Indians we basically wear sarees and different types of skirts. Actually variety of them, each one of them has a unique and a special name indicating what they are.

Indian women has tons of different Indian clothes than men. Maybe, you can even try out different types of Indian dresses and other countries’ clothes and what they wear. So, you can socialize and learn more about others and this might also decrease your stressfulness.

So, In my opinion trying out for different clothes is amazing and you get to do what you like.

So, whatever you like I am sure you are going to love it. Don’t think about others, others don’t know what you like, they only know what they like. If you want a  pink one then go with it or if you like dresses more than outfits. Go outside with them and show those people what you like!!! Have a great and a nice day and see you later. 

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