Gilda and Her Kindness – 1 super fairy tale

In a faraway land, there was a small happy village named Sunset Village. The villagers loved their village as much as they loved their King William. He ruled the village wisely and fair. He was never selfish or greedy. He maintained the village with love and kindness among them. 

moral story

In the same village, there lived a girl named Gilda. She was all alone, having her own house and her job. She didn’t get much money from her scarf-selling business because her money was all spent on stitching essentials. She was taught stitching at a young age, so she knew how to stitch. Most of her time she was thinking about how to sell more scarves. But although she was poor, she was kind and intelligent. 

moral story

One day, suddenly the king’s son had taken over the kingdom. He was the opposite of his father. He bought everything in gold. He used up all his father’s savings. King William was saving money for the village to grow crops in the dry season. So, the village suffered in poverty. 

She was so helpless and she started crying, “ What am I going to do? Oh no!.” A fairy was flying through the village and she heard Gilda crying. She appeared in front of Gilda. The fairy in a pink dress and glittery shoes appeared and glowed with magnificent pink light. She had a pair of wings and a magic wand. Gilda realized she was a fairy who had come to help her. The fairy asked in a worried voice, “ Gilda, why are crying my dear?” She explained everything to the fairy. So the fairy said, “ Don’t worry. I will grant you one wish.” 

moral story

Gilda thought and thought and thought. She wanted to use it wisely. Finally, after a good thought, she asked for a magical garden that never stops growing.

Her greedy neighbor had been watching her the whole time. After a while, the greedy neighbor started crying. The same fairy appeared in front of the jealous woman. The jealous woman asked, “ Will you give me a treasure with hundreds of gold coins?”

 “Absolutely!” reassured the fairy. 

She granted the jealous woman a treasure full of gold coins. “But,” the fairy continued, “You should share your treasure with the others.” But the jealous woman didn’t listen. Her eyes were on the gold coins. 

The next day, Gilda started with a good night’s sleep. She took a big basket and filled it with the vegetables in her garden. She put on her warm scarf to keep her comfortable from the cold wind. The villagers were all in their houses eating pieces of left bread. Gilda went to each house in the village and distributed the vegetables. She gave them away for free. She showed kindness to the people of the village.


 When Gilda finally reached her neighbor’s house, the woman proudly said, “ I have lots of gold coins, so I don’t need anything.”  Then, the woman hid her money.

 In the next two days, Gilda helped all the people go back to their work and earn money. Soon, the village was back to its nice happy self. The villagers thanked Gilda for sharing her vegetables with her. 

The greedy woman didn’t share with anyone and she wanted more. She turned lazy and she thought, ‘ Why should I go to work when I have these precious gold coins.’ The fairy was watching everything. So, she punished the woman by taking away her gold coins. The next day, when the woman opened her chest there were snakes inside instead of gold coins. 

Gilda found out that the reason for their poverty was because of their selfish new king. Gilda went to the palace immediately. She told the king what happened because of his selfishness. He realized that he was wrong. 

He married Gilda because he liked her kindness and bravery. Gilda started a big store to sell her scarves. With the machines in the palace, Gilda sewed scarves faster and people were never cold again. Gilda and the prince lived happily ever after, and so did Sunset village. But the greedy woman was still paying for her greediness.


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