My New Fishes That are Awesome <3

All About My New Fishes

My new fishes are absolute cuteness! I’ve got a beta called “baby girl” but I didn’t name the beta yet! That’s not all, we’ve got plenty of other fishes too, that I will be writing about later in this post. But if you are interested, I uploaded a short, that you are more than welcome to look at and give us like to support us!

Before I start we bought almost 9 fish, and we already had some of our old fish in our tank which was just one fish, named “Goldie” And like its name it is gold and shiny. But Goldie is growing, and it is a pretty big fish, meaning it grew about 2 inches! If you are a pet lover aka fish owner, you are more than welcome to share tips about having fish as pets! Without dragging this out, let’s begin! :):):)

Minnow Rosy Red 5 of my new fishes

Minnow Rosy Red is one of the cutest fishes ever, they are so energetic and super playful, but they do die faster if not cared for properly 🙁

In our pet shop, they were 29 cents each and we got 5 of them because the lady that worked there advised us to get a little less because they tend to get the tanks dirtier! But even before I started writing the posts 3 of them died, which leaves 2 of them. Which is pretty sad, but it’s ok because we are still new fish owners!

Platy Fish

This fish is absolutely awesome, and when I say it’s awesome it is so energetic it is friendly and it plays with you:) Which is kind of cute! Ok, one time, I was feeding all the fish, and the minnow rosy red got all aggressive over the food, and the platy was trying to eat the food but it got snatched away, and it let it go, I don’t if this is an act of kindness or just the soft behavior of this awesome fish, this fish is red and black!

Each fish has a unique black and red pattern, I would say ours is just so pretty, because it has all black and a very very little color of red, which is so pretty to look at!

Danio Zebra

These guys are so fast and really do look like a zebra got turned into a fish because it has those exact markings of a zebra and is just cute, because:

A. They are super fast!

B. They play with you and are nice to the community!

C. They are only supposed to be bought as a pair:)

We have 2 of those Danio Zebras and obviously didn’t name them, because they are both the same and both super fast!

Tetra Skirt-Black

Tetra Skirt Black is super quiet complete opposite of all the fishes that we just talked about, it’s shy!

But if you do something it doesn’t adore or like it’ll probably react or act out on you

You do not want to mess with this! Stay on it’s good side:)

Beta Fish “Baby Girl”

New Fishes

Beta fishes are… you know the most awesome thing, but males are way better than females.

A. They have gorgeous, fins and tails:)

B. They hunt:)

C. I can’t think of one!

But yes mostly we didn’t get a male beta because it’ll hunt the other ones!

Today we cleaned up our tank, y’all be a little mindful if you are putting gravel, it is a little bit hard to clean up. Maybe not for you but for us it was sure. We just took out the gravel and decided not to do it anymore and we left our plastic plants in the tank!

With that being said I want to end today’s post with a link to our other posts: Go like or comment just to support us! We have tons of stuff that you can read if you think you will be bored. Promise me you won’t, Twinsparkle has something for everybody. See you next time. I will surely return with a new story about my new fishes:)

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