My Summer Activities That Are Crazy This Summer <333

By Srinika

My summer activities are crazy this summer! Who doesn’t like summer breaks? You can do so many things without having a very complicated schedule. But of course, you have to follow the rules.

Summer Activities

Some of the coolest activities I started and am doing are Gardening, pet fishes, and making bracelets! Speaking of fish many people do know that I have bought new fish, and they are absolutely so cute! If you want to know what I have in my 20-gallon tank:

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    My garden is so pretty and really gorgeous:) We have tomatoes to Malabar spinach! Did I mention, the plants have gotten so big, and our garden is getting bigger every single day?


    The tomatoes were just for fun, we tried planting them, and we had no hope in them. But they started spreading like a disease! They took 1/8 of our back patio. And in each batch, the tomatoes are getting bigger and bigger. If it keeps going like this, I don’t think we have to go to the grocery store to buy tomatoes!


    Melons are creepers, right? Honestly, I don’t know, but I do know they are sweet melons and they are getting huge each day! We planted melons just like tomatoes, with no hope and just for fun, but they are growing exactly like tomatoes. Getting bigger every single day!


    Don’t even start about the cucumbers they are growing so fast, they have so many flowers in them and there are four of them and we probably need a lot more space for these creepers!

    Malabar Spinach

    We got the spinach in a separate pack. And Mom planted four of them and they surely are big! I love spinach they are my favorite but after potatoes!


    We do have tons of herbs but I am not sure I can do them all in one post, but one of them is the mustard greens, don’t worry I googled it and it does classify as herbs! With that being said I want to share a link to my Instagram:

    Bracelets (Summer Activities)

    One of my favorite summer activities is obviously making bracelets, if you do check out my Instagram there is a picture of me making bracelets! I have those wires that help me make bracelets that look like professional bracelets, a lot of people told me that my bracelets are so pretty. Isn’t that just fluttering?

    I also have the prettiest bead collections, did I mention that I collect beads for bracelets?

    Taking care of my fish! (Summer Activities)

    Taking care of my fish is so fun, and they are so fast and so cool! Did I share the story of one of my fish trying to suicide while we were cleaning the tank? Okay, we were cleaning the tank, so we needed to put the fish somewhere else till that! So we decided to put them in a small cup, and while we were cleaning they got really stressed out and our red and black fish jumped out of the cup.

    My sister saw it, and she was like “Oh my gosh!” And my mom was like pick it up and put it back in the cup. My sister tried to do that, while is started wobbling on the ground which got her really really startled! But our mom picked it up with her hand, and it was really gross. But it’s still living.

    Other hobbies while taking care of my fish obviously include feeding them, with fish food!

    With that being said, I end today’s post with a reminder that you can like or comment to support us! Thank you so much and see you in my next post!

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