Schlitterbahn, 1st Awesome Orchestra Trip

By Srinika

My crazy trip to Schlitterbahn, all the way in San Antonio, was crazy. And I mean CRAZY!


Okay, that very morning May 12, 2023, I was being rushed by my family to get into the car to go to our school. Our school plan was that we go to San Marcos High School at 8. So, we had to be in the school at 5:45 AM, not PM

Our Performance

I was so excited. It took us about 2 hours to ride there. One of the best things I like about our orchestra is that we weren’t perfect, and it was our quirks that gave it a unique twist. If you are a musician and you know what a “To Coda” is, then you would know, that I missed it during the performance, but I think it’s fine because no one noticed.

With that, we started our performance we played 3 songs:

The Mask By David Hinds

Jupiter’s Theme from the “Planets” By Gustav Holst

Terra Nova By Richard Meyers

Honestly, my favorite was Jupiter’s Theme, why you ask? It has a high E-string pitch, that’s just music to my ears and all the other people in the violin section love it. While the Violas and the Cellos deep down dread it, even though they don’t show it clearly. But that’s okay!

Before starting to write about all the craziness in the waterpark. I want to share about Twinsparkle’s blog, with more craziness knocking straight at your door. Here’s the link:

Schlitterbahn, Water Park

Our performance was good! But we all know what we are here to talk about! What we are here to talk about is Schlitterbahn, in the outskirts of San Antonio. If you are thinking about the best vacation, go here, for one day of awesomeness. I am pretty sure you will have a blast! I was hyped up for Schlitterbahn!

Upon arrival, the initial step was to have our baggage inspected for any metallic objects. The funny thing was that I am 13 and didn’t know aluminum foil counted as metal. But that’s fine 🙂

We were supposed to be in a group of four just in case we don’t get lost or anything. But we wouldn’t because we were all old enough, not to wander around.

But any..hoo, the first thing our group did was go on the wave pool, which was crazy and fun. Plus, it was hot that day, so we had to get in that pool! We went in rounds on that wave pool, almost up to sixteen times! We wanted to go, but we had to try other stuff too!

One girl in my group begged that we should all try out in the huge slides, which was scary for us! (Spoiler Alert! – We ended up going there anyways.) We tried the kiddie slides in the meantime. Our camp was in the middle of the waterpark which was easy for us to find our teachers.

Lunch Time

We all had passes to get lunch on our own. Most Indians don’t eat red meat, so we didn’t choose any red meat options. Our lunch was 1 box of mini pizza, fried chicken, and waffle fries. Oh! And don’t forget the Coke. We didn’t eat that much, we went to the bathrooms and stuff, while we were gone to the bathroom, the food was infested with flies. So we didn’t eat that much.

Master Blast Ride

In case, you don’t know what that is, it’s the biggest slide in all of the water park. It was almost 65 feet tall and 1,100 feet long, isn’t that crazy? And it was voted the best water slide from time to time.

The rule was that the heavier person sits in the back and the lighter person sits in the front. Why? Just in case the water is too fast and you fall off! So, don’t try and change the rules. I was in the back and Srisha was in the front.

We screamed like hell! It was so bad! There was an unexpected dark tunnel, and I am like, “Srisha, get me off this ride…….!!!!” You would have probably read it in a quiet voice, oh but no. I wasn’t quiet, I was screaming for my life! It was so scary, but guess what, the next minute I was standing there to go on the slide again.

We should have read about it before going on it. With that being said, I want to start wrapping up, my awesome opinion on Schlitterbahn, and end today’s post with a request for you guys to check out the YouTube Channel: Love you guys!

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