13 Awe-inspiring and fun stuff to do before 13

I know 13 is sometimes not a big deal for someone. But it is a huge milestone, and I mean it’s huge. That’s why I’ve created a list, to make you feel like you’ve lived your whole life before you are thirteen. 

Here are 13 amazing things you can do before you are 13: 

1. Get a Piercing <3

I know not a lot of people have their ears pierced, but piercing them, will make you feel prettier, trust me. Life will actually start when you have them pierced. This probably doesn’t make sense. But looking at earrings or at malls will make you feel left out. So get them pierced. Plus, you can try out crazy earrings. Pom-pom earrings for cute Hawaii dresses. And hoops for track meets! Make sure to get them pierced with your parents. So, you can treat it if it gets infected.

2. Have a Skin Care

As you grow older, your skin starts getting peeling off and you might get acne, which is not the best thing in the world. So, get skin care. Skincare doesn’t have to be expensive to be done. 

Skincare is basically taking good care of your skin. 

  •  Wash it with a cleanser 
  • Don’t be harsh 
  • Don’t let it go dry 
  • Moisture 
  • Use lip gloss (It’s a big must if you live in a cold place)

That’s all, skin care doesn’t have to be ginormous. 

3. Work Out More Often

Trust me! Working out from 11 will make you feel healthy, avoid too much salt. Besides, working out will be helpful, because PE or athletics or any sports are super hard, you need to be fit to compete with other kids. 

4. Get Good Grades

Focusing on studies should be the main thing, you need to have a really good study routine. You can do 20 mins reading, and 40 mins math. Or you can do something, like puzzles to get you to focus. Use flashcards and quiz yourself with them. Or ask someone to quiz you, and you are going to ace that test! 

5. Listen to Music

Music helps you calm down easier. You can really find yourself. 

6. Distract Yourself with an Extracurricular

You can join a club. There are so many options. Or try doing a blog or starting your own YouTube channel. Start working on crocheting, try learning a new instrument.

Join a singing class. Code something. It can be a robot or a huge monster that is going to destroy the world. 

7. Organize Your Life

Organizing your life can include cleaning your messy closet or cleaning your study shelf. Separate yourself from friends, that you know aren’t the best. 

Organize can start by, putting things where you’ve found them, and don’t make a mess for your mom to clean up. 

8. Have Good Handwriting

Handwriting tells a lot about you, so have the best handwriting. Make it look like a font, or try cursive. I write in cursive, and guess what? A lot of people like it. People are like “ Oh! That’s so pretty” I might sound stupid, but I have made friends, who asked me to teach them how to read in cursive. So it can be a nice opportunity to get friends.  

9. Wear Clothes that Express You

Wear stuff, that expresses you, try earrings, or try necklaces. Try shorts, and I can go on forever. If you play, wear something that suits you! And make sure it’s comfortable. 

Personally, I like baggy clothes or sporty outfits. Like sweatpants and a grey hoodie. I am in love with “that” grey hoodie. I usually wear a tight top with baggy pants. Remember that you are allowed to be who you are!!! But make sure you don’t break school dress codes. 

10. Be Social

Be really friendly, respectful, kind, and wonderful. 

You can help someone who is in need. Be respectful, to anyone. Don’t get revenge on someone who is not nice to you. Just ignore them, you know, people only do stuff to you, when they are jealous of you. You are probably prettier or smarter than them. 

11. Bake a Cake

Don’t just bake a cake, bake a cake without an adult. Learn to make whipped cream, and get the sprinkles yourself. This can be like a hobby. Time goes by when you are “whipping” up something gorgeous. 

12. Be Proud of Yourself

Know that you are a girl, that is worthy of anything. You know you can do this, if someone is mad at you, don’t care! Just don’t, don’t let it get to your head. Like, I said before they are JEALOUS. Have your own way of doing things. Be yourself. If you want to draw on yourself, go for it. You are not in front of cameras or you are not going to go to jail if you be yourself. 

13. Have A Bestie

You know everyone has to have a bestie, you always click with someone. Your missing part. If you have a bestie you might have an easier middle school time. I for one have so many friends. But my bestie is always my sister, we both click together. 

With that being said, I think you’ll have an amazing time before you reach the huge milestone of being a teen. Make sure to check out: https://twinsparkle.com/ Make sure to check out the YouTube channel too: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=twinsparkle 

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