My 1st TX School( Super Complicated and Crazy)

By Srinika

I know, I have been talking about it so much. But you guys, school is so fun, and it’s really really complicated sometimes. I am going to start my post of by saying three things about junior high. But before that, my title for why it is “1st Crazy School” is because lots of schools don’t have that much fun, starting of, like fun school presentations or maybe fun sports or different sports, games and much more that right now I can’t think of. But I promise you there’s so much fun. In every single classes and you’ll find friends, that suits your taste.

1. Texas Middle School

Texas Middle school, I know it’s sometimes hard to move on from your old friends. But don’t you think it’s time for some new ones? Especially when they are different and unique and did I mention different?

Speaking of different and speaking of studies, I think you would like to read or watch our book reviews, this years all about them, I’ve got the link right here:


Written Review:

2. You Need To Be Ready to Change Friend Groups

I know we all love our friends, but be ready for change girl! (or boy) Do you understand what I am saying? It’s like you need to be ready to be different and fit in with people your own interests. For example, your best elementary friend left you because she is interested in Dance and Sports while you are interested in classwork, i.e science or math or reading. So that might need a little bit of fixing. So, that you feel like you fit in.

3. Change Your Appearance

I know I might sound stupid, but at one point you will have to, and no one can stop that, and you WOULD look stupid or weird if you don’t, plus, you’ll eventually want to change yourself because other kids would’ve.

With that being said, going back to my personal experience about school. School is fun, but I had to change friends, into better ones. Now, talking about classes. Classes are fun, but they are super hard. That’s what they are supposed to be. Spanish is difficult and Orchestra is no where near easy. Spanish is where you learn new language, obviously, but it’s also where you do presentations with other people… in front of the class. My first time, I almost had a breakdown.

Orchestra, is supposed to be fun and it is. But you also have to learn the techniques.

The bows have to be this way, not that way. Fingering has to be on the right spot. Vibrate this part, not the other piece. Forte on this and Cres that.

This and That, over and over again, when finally, you get tired out, and your hands get numb.


But my school isn’t just about that, you get to choose after and before school activities, there’s art club, chess club, tennis club, dance and most importantly, at the beginning of the school year is the football games! Isn’t that exciting? With cheerleaders, marching bands and football players. You can go and cheer your school on. If you are a 5th grader going into 6th you should be excited, this is some stuff!

Today, I am so tired because of classes. So, I have to go and get a nap or maybe some food. Good-bye don’t forget to share about your classes, in the comments. Have an amazing day!!!

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