4 Things That Make Me Happy All The Time

I always enjoy doing stuff that makes me happy, don’t we all? When I’m down, sad, mad, or even super happy, I like those things that make my day better. There are a lot of good things that make me excited about life, but there are only 3 specific things that can make me happy all the time! I believe everyone should have something that makes them content so they can enjoy and experience their day better. Just so you know, these things don’t necessarily have to be actual handheld things, they can be memories ideas, and everything else you can imagine.

1. Exciting Movies that don’t ever get old!

Yeah, who isn’t down for an epic movie night? TV always distracts me and helps me forget negative thoughts and stop thinking about something I don’t need to. If I’m nervous, a good series can help me think about something else. When you’re watching a movie or series, you’re focusing on it more than on your life. I necessarily don’t mean that that is a healthy habit, but it still takes your focus away from any feelings of nervousness, sadness, or angriness and helps you calm down. There are a lot of great movies that I like to watch with my family and my sister on Netflix. If you want to know more about them, check out this post: https://twinsparkle.com/20-crazy-movies/!

Also, you can’t get the vibe of watching movies with your family, throwing around popcorn, and snuggling on that couch anywhere else.

2. Good Old Memories

Good memories are always sweet and when you remember them, it just makes your whole body relax and enjoy. When I look at old photos, they just immediately make me ecstatic because looking at how happy you were then, makes you happy now. Of course, bad memories aren’t something you should keep thinking about. Sometimes when I’m bored or just have nothing to do, I like to scroll through Google Photos and look at all the good times and happy and awesome photos we have taken.

Also, looking at photos just helps you walk through that happy memory again, imagining what you were doing at that time exactly. I think photos are a good way to capture memories and put them somewhere safe, so you never lose them, ever.

3. Good Food <3

Good food is always amazing and tasty! Food always brings everyone together and creates a peaceful and exciting vibe. When everybody is getting ready to eat, they’re happy, they’re excited, and waiting for yummy food. My mom’s cooking is amazing so at our house, we’re always excited when she makes those special dishes once in a while and we’re all just eagerly waiting. Personally, I’m not that into food, but I know how to appreciate good food, whether it’s my mom’s or anybody else’s. And, you know what, I’m the most excited to try something I’ve cooked on my own.


My mom is always there to help me make this and she’s guiding me but, last week was the first time I baked cupcakes without her help, except for when she told me the batter was not beaten enough. So, I was really excited to try my own cupcakes even if there is always mistakes I made.

4. 3 things (Support, Reassurance, and Motivation)

When you know someone’s got your back, you are always confident and confidence makes me happy. And when my mom and dad and my sister are cheering me on, giving me motivation, and not letting me give up, that makes me really happy. Why? Because I am happy that someone cares about and even if I fail, there are people who got my back and give me motivation so I won’t let them down. When someone reassures you, it’s alright even when you made a mistake, that forgiveness is the best thing that could’ve happened to you right now. (I really don’t have something more to write about this!)

So, these are all the things that make me happy and you probably have different things that make you happy. And I’m really grateful for these things that make me feel fulfilled and make my life better. And I think I missed this, but feeling wanted is also y great thing because it makes you feel like you are important and amazing. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and our YT channel, (Twinsparkle)

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