5 Dishes That Explode in Your Mouth

By Srinika

Wondering what the 5 dishes are? Well, that’s something that you have to read to find out. But let me just tell you they are all from different parts of the country. If I were to give you a clue about one country it could be my homeland. So, read on to find out!

Food is something we all crave, and obviously need. There are so many different countries with so much different types of food. You may like them or you may not.

Spain, Churros (5 Dishes)

The churros are fried dough, they are a dish eaten as a snack. The origin of this dish is Spain and Portugal. But is first found in Spain.

They taste like cinnamon. The dish is designed to taste like deep-fried dough, with cinnamon and lots and lots of sugar.

Churros look like a mega size of french fries and the people of Spain eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Churros must be served hot in order to eat, and that is the custom. This dish is meant to be soft and pillowy inside, and you get chocolate alongside with it, or coffee. You can also have it plain, depending on what you are eating. If it was meant to be a snack, it will be served with chocolate. For a light breakfast, you may have to sprinkle a little bit of sugar on top.

Personally, I’ve never had it before. But Costco sells it, and we go to Costco. So maybe I will buy it next time. But if you know, I am not a sugar person, I simply hate cinnamon, it’s just not mine to taste this time. I would have loved churros if it were spicy and salty. I am big on spicy and salty.

It looks really yummy though, so based on the looks, I ended up rating it a 7/10. I also forgot to mention, churros are the cheapest desserts ever. So, If you are LOOKING for CHEAP desserts you might have to go with this one for sure:)


Chicken Parmesan, Australia

I feel like we never talk about Australia. No one ever mentions that country. So, I had a curiosity about what are some dishes that might be Australia’s favorite dishes. And it ends up being Chicken Parmesan.

The funny thing was that I got confused when there were two names for the same dish, so I really got confused.

It is served with pasta dishes. It looks really good. This dish got really popular in 1958 due to the recipe appearing in the “New York Times” In 1962 the dish was really popular, and people started serving it in hotels and restaurants. After the name was shortened to Chicken Parm. It is often served with hot breads and pasta as I mentioned before.

Korean Fried Chicken, Korea

This dish is something me and my family enjoy. I have the recipe for it, but I don’t know where it is.

Anyways, I am the one who always makes this dish, and it is really good. Since I don’t have the recipe for this dish. I will share it when I have the recipe.

With that being said, Korean fried chicken is crunchy and salty but it also tastes like candy, because of the honey we use in it.

Sushi, Japan

Okay, the second to the last one. I hope this one is really good. Sushi is something we all know. But have we all eaten it? I know I haven’t!

It is something that is on my bucket list. If you are vegetarian, don’t worry sushi is not filled with raw fish and meat only. It’s something more than that. It’s exploding with flavors that it had caught everyone’s eyes.

Sushi is a dish prepared with vinegared rice and filled with marinated meat and veggies. Sounds delish, doesn’t it? If you listen to the history you might be more interested in this dish.

It all started in the paddy fields aka the rice field, where we make rice. After that, the fish was fermented and salted. It was vinegared too. This ancient dish started in the Neolithic-early Iron Age, also known as the Yayoi Period. Isn’t that so thrilling?!

Samosa, India

Indian foods are my favorite. But samosas are something I really love. I was hoping to make samosas at home but I never got the chance.

Samosa is fried dough, just like the first dish we explored. Fried dough filled with spicy stuffings. Just like a turkey on Thanksgiving. But anyways, Samosa is made different in each parts of India. Since I am from India and I do know stuff about India. Maybe this food is the biggest paragraph, on this post:)

Hope you enjoyed this post, but I just want to say that we have more stuff on our posts, maybe you can click this link to support us: https://twinsparkle.com/ With that being said back to our original topic, Samosas

Samosas are really big in India, I am from south India so we eat it with mashed potatoes that are seasoned to the top level. The seasoning is done really nicely and the taste is really grand.

But in other parts of the country, people tend to put onions and other stuffings, that I am not sure about. But if you are a spicy and salty person like me, then you would like to try the onion and the potatoes because they are really spicy with a lot of energy and flavor in them. Samosas have a lot of variety, and these dishes are something you should try if you ever visit India, because every single street food shop has these. As I said, samosas are really big in India, not big in size:) But big in popularity!

I think this post was a blast for you, these dishes are something you should eat in your life. With that, I am ending today’s post with not a blast but a link to our Instagram account, hope you follow or like any of our photos to support us. Peace out!!!

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